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  1. I was very happy to see a pair of AR-7's for £20 today and snapped them up. I always keep an eye on gumtree and ebay so I was very happy to see some in a local secondhand shop. In my excitement I didn't even take a proper look at the speakers themselves before buying. The second I got home I saw they weren't in as good condition as I'd hoped. From the outside they aren't too bad. There is some staining on one of the grills and light scratching in the wood, no big chips. Behind the grills though is another matter. It looks like someone has had a go at re foaming/repairing the woofers and made a very messy job of it. I gave the speakers a test and it seems the tweeter on one of them isn't making any sound at all. I don't mind tidying their looks from the outside but I'm nervous to start poking around at the woofers to try to get that glue off. Is there any advice as to where to start with these and the tweeter? Any poke in the right direction would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all!
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