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  1. I was actually referring to those old "test your stereo system" LPs. If you're registered with 23 and me, they have a hearing test.
  2. Thanks! I'm not looking forward to it. It was tough enough working through the 12" hole of the 3As. Working through the relatively small hole of the 4x, yikes.
  3. I've replaced all of them in my 3As after unsuccessfully trying to rejuvenate them. But when they go in my rear channel 4Xs, I will surely give it a try. Thanks.
  4. Thanks. I had looked at Madi Sound, too. They want much more for shipping than Parts Express, and there is a notice that they don't know when they'll be able to ship. So either way, I probably have to wait for the Apocalypse. Until then I guess I'll just have to wear headphones.
  5. Thanks again! I see he's improved his packaging since I purchased mine. Mine were just the L-pads and a photocopied instruction sheet, no wires, color directions, etc. I'm just waiting for the speaker to be back in stock at Parts Express.
  6. OK, I found the box with my originals. It's from April 2007 (time flies when you're having fun; I would have sworn I replaced them about 5 years ago). Return address is for Larry Lagace. The instructions for installing the new units says, "The VINTAGE-AR superior replacement level controls for all early year AR speakers utilize a different terminal layout than the original AR potentiometers . . ." No mention if L-pads. My originals are the ceramic bottoms with metal tops and red posts. Just as a side note, I have the AR-3As because I built a Heathkit AR-15 receiver, as that was rated the best receiver by Consumer Reports. We then bought the 3As at a place in Brooklyn called Stereo Warehouse for I believe $185 each, because again Consumer Reports rated them the best speakers. I'm pretty sure that was 1968 when I was in high school.
  7. No, the ones I used were not like the originals. They looked like standard potentiometers.
  8. Gee, I'm positive I bought them on ebay, but it was a few years ago. I have to find the shipping box, where I saved the old pots.
  9. Thanks for all the help. I couldn't fix the original pots, so I replaced them with new pots that were advertised as direct replacements. I downloaded the restoration guide quite a while ago, and it is fantastic.
  10. Aha! Thanks. I read something about a 3 uF polypropylene capacitor, and inverting the polarity. I haven't fully researched it. The speaker is out of stock until May.
  11. I checked the resistance on the leads of the tweeter, after de-soldering, of course. First problem was scraping the lacquer off the hair thin wires. I checked with an ohm meter. Infinite resistance. So the voice coil is open? Is the HiVi Q1R a drop in, or does it need a modification to the crossover? Thanks.
  12. The HiVi option seems very good to me. I used to be able to hear 20 kHz on the test records, but not any more! If that is the solution, I'll do it. Thanks.
  13. Thank you. I'm the original owner, and both speakers were bought at the same time. Both are identical. I see front wired replacements on ebay for around $88. The HiVi are much cheaper, if I'm looking at the correct replacement, only $25.48. But they have the back connections, not front like mine.
  14. I thought my front left beloved AR 3A sounded off. Turns out the tweeter is nor working. I replaced both pots a few years ago, so I doubted that was the problem. I did the easiest thing first: checked if there is a voltage going to the tweeter. There is, hovering around 1 volt. Can I safely assume the tweeter is shot and needs to be replaced? Thanks.
  15. Thanks for the help! The pots I am sure are not noisy. But the cold solder suggestion . . . it was not easy working in there, so maybe that's it. I will have to check. And by "new" tweeter, I meant "new" to me LOL, not newly manufactured. I wasn't able to fix the wire on the mid range, so I bought a replacement on ebay. That was a few years ago. And of course, I did not throw out the old mid range. I did download the book. It's fantastic! And it confirmed my suspicion about my speakers, that they are the original edition--the woofer has that weird cardboard part. Thanks again.
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