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  1. Simply Speakers is now selling new AR replacement parts. Instead of putting the Morels into my TSW 910's, I purchased new Woofers from them. https://www.simplyspeakers.com/acoustic-research-replacement-woofer-12100032.html
  2. What a waste if time. I was trying to help others that might run across the problems I have had over the last 33 years owning these. They sound unreal and have never sounded this good. There is no need to do anything to the COs. I'm out!
  3. You are correct by the time I am done with them they will no longer have any of the garbage AR TSW components in them except for the Crossovers and wiring. I linked the speakers so that others can have an idea of what goes in these. Since none of the speakers are available, and nobody knows how to rebuild them, and the tweeters never could handle any power to make them sound good, I have made some incredible modifications which bring them back to life. Nobody has the speakers. There's probably very few of them actually being used in the world anymore. Don't be such a purist snob.
  4. I am the original owner of some 1987 TSW 910 speakers. I rebuilt them about 15 years ago. The tweeters have blown. I replaced them with minimal effort with Morel matched high energy tweeters they were about $600 a pair. They have totally opened up these speakers far exceeding the original tweeters that came with it that are unavailable. These speakers have never had enough power to run them until now. I am running an Arcam AV8 as a preamp. My power supply is a Carver Signature Sunfire Cinema Grand. For my data source I am using a Sony hap71es. The system is finally what I always looked for and has come alive like never before. It has so much reliable solid clean powr that never clips never distorts. Very impressive. Next I will replace the 4 woofers with Morels..about $2000 for all. Rollover image to zoom Click for larger image Customer Photo Gallery Manuals & Resources Morel TiCW 1258Ft Specifications Morel Manufacturer Warranty Morel TiCW 1258Ft Titanium Series 12" Subwoofer 8 Ohm Brand: Morel |Model: TiCW 1258Ft|Part # 297-110 Rollover image to zoom Click for larger image Manuals & Resources Morel ST 1108 Supreme Specifications Morel Manufacturer Warranty Morel ST 1108 Supreme 1-1/8" Soft Dome Tweeter Pair - Black Faceplate
  5. I purchased these for replacements. They fit the hole perfectly, and seem to be a great improvement. https://www.parts-express.com/morel-st-1108-supreme-1-1-8-soft-dome-tweeter-pair-black-faceplate--277-096
  6. One of the tweeters was a single magnet replacement by AB from 2002. The other one was a double magnet replacement from AR original 1990's. I just hooked them up to a Sunfire Grand Cinema Signature Architect (newly purchased) and loaded Van Halen up to almost full level. That is how I blew them.
  7. I am going to try some of these in the hole. https://www.parts-express.com/morel-cat-308-1-1-8-soft-dome-tweeter--277-082
  8. I have a fully restored set of AR TSW-910's and the tweeters finally blew. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a replacement for them?
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