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  1. Kent. If the whole cart is just 12 quid more then it has to be the one. When I get to be an advanced audiophile I will go for the best ( I am saving my pennies from now on for that ) Michelle
  2. Kent, I am just looking at the All for Turntables link you have sent, it breaks down for the layman the parts to the cartridge, I will have a look at that and try to work it out, Still very technical even with the idiots guide, what am I getting into here ? Michelle
  3. Hi Kent, Great researching of the prices on e bay which is exactly where I would have looked. So, my next question is do I need to get a whole cartridge (which includes stylus plus cartridge, right ?), or do I need to just get a stylus, this is getting very confusing for my poor muddled brain ? If I do not ask here where is there to go ? Regards Michelle
  4. Kent , Thank you once again, it appears you know more than me about my turntable. Thank goodness for that because I really could not remember the type of current cartridge in there. I think you correctly identified it from a pic. I had to laugh when you said the only way to correctly find out if the stylus is any good is to look at it under a microscope. I laugh because, just yesterday I was in a charity shop, I spied a microscope, I kind of liked it, I even picked it up , but finally I decided I really have no use for a microscope. Maybe I should of bought it for close stylus inspection ? Thanks for all the info, I am certain it will need a new cartridge. Of course it will. I can get looking at the links you have kindly sent and get ahead of the game and get one ordered pronto. I love this learning curve. Thanks Best regards Michelle
  5. Thank you Aadams, The article you sent from the magazine thank you, I can use this to increase my learning, I will need to look up the terms and tech jargon in order to understand, I jumped to the conclusion though and it is very positive. I am pleased with the TT, not up and working yet, but it looks the business I have to say. It has a real nice classic look and it is really heavy. It does need a super clean up too. There are some scratches to the dust cover , I have seen on you tube some people clean these with car headlight cleaning kits, you would have to be a brave person to attempt ? As for the cartridge, again I have no idea what will be required. I am happy to hear your suggestions, I do want to do the turntable justice and get the best I can afford . it is scary to see the prices of some cartridges , unbelievable. I had no idea. Thanks again for the magazine review, I will download and i am starting a a file to keep all the relevant info in that you are all kindly providing me with Michelle
  6. Thank you every one for holding my hand whilst making my purchases, really helpful for I know not a soul who knows anything about vintage set up. at least not in my friends or family. I feel very drawn to completing this project. I have to ask myself why I cant be content with MP3 output , or listening to CD's. I would be interested to hear any of you here on this forum give your reasons for listening to vinyl/sounds through your dream set up ? For me. I really have no idea other than nostalgic memories as a teen ( many, many years ago). In those days I would be quite jealous of my older brother who had saved hard for a half decent stereo system. He would buy a single record each week. Sometimes I would sneak into his room when he was out so I could give his vinyl a spin. In future years I would have to be content with listening to albums on my parents radiogram. How old does that sound ? In fact it was the late 70's, and when they were out of the way I would play any decent sounds my brother had left behind. Even later still once I was settled I remember getting rid of all my Hi Fi separates ( I cant remember the make ), Everything was replaced and I was in awe of the CD and players etc. I wince now when I recall giving all my vinyl albums away, it was years and years of collecting, but I was ruthless. Well, as i have said earlier I would really like to know how these older players and vinyl are held in such high esteem by those here. Maybe I can relate. I am taking delivery of the amp tomorrow and i hope my speakers will be ready for collection. Once, it has been to tech i will be able to listen and I am really so excited. I wonder if I will be able to hear the warm sound you all so often mention. I have no idea what a warm sound may sound like? Thanks again everyone for all the advice, opinions, pics and most of all your willingness to share Michelle
  7. Thank you so much everyone who has replied and posted pics.One thing you can all be sure of is that I have quickly become addicted to this forum . You are all so helpful. Helpful as well in inciting my lust for speakers, amps , and turntables. This is a new thing for me , totally. I have made my purchase today of a very nice looking vintage sansui 1000x amp/tuner. I am expecting delivery on Thurs. Still waiting for the AR speakers. Then off to tech for tweaking and assembly. Please good people here give views on the amp I have bought. Be honest...gulp. Hoping I have bought well. Thankyou all. Michelle
  8. I will try from the pc. Might be easier to upload from there. No worries about not being the ultimate authority, but you of course know more than me so I am gleaning any info I can. To be honest I was not struck by the appearance of this particular amp and If you think it will struggle with most AR speakets, then I will keep well away. I like that you want my fantastic looking TT to be partnered with a good amp.They need to be buddies right ? Regards Michelle
  9. Hi Kent, It is a shame about that little amp being not up to the job. I really need to undetstand the amps job and speaker wattage etc. Ok my pics are stored in my android's gallery. If I try to upload on to this site, I am directed to My files in my android and I dont see my pics there anywhere . I will keep on trying.Not sure what pics you would like to see? I have the TT now and i meed to get it checked over by someone who knows. Will study more audiophile related info tonight. Regards Michelle
  10. 9Thank you for the encouragement and info. I received the AR The turntable today.I do not yet have the speakers.I will try to upload the pics as seen on the e bay sale. Still not sure how to upload.Despite Kent explaining. I have put feelers out locally for an amp and a technician who seems really keen has suggested a Sony TT 88. It is from early 1970's. The tech told me it sounds great. I doubt it would cost too much but I would love to hear your opinions lovely audio folk. Regards Michelle
  11. Thanks Kent, I am going to check out the AR X 04 . I have enough suggestions to keep me busy now. I appreciate your input Michelle
  12. Thank you, It is good of you to reply, I am feeling a little lost right now. I have looked on e bay UK and I see the amp you suggested. Just messaged the seller a few questions. I feel I am going in the right direction with help from peeps such as your self cheers Michelle
  13. Hello knowledgeable folks here. Could any body please suggest an amp which would suit the speakers AR-6 and the AR turntable ? I live in the UK . I have had a few suggestions but would just like to put it out there . would any one agree that a QED A 230 might be suitable, sorry to be such a needy newbie Michelle
  14. Well thankyou so much.I am thrilled that you have given me the thumbs up on my purchase. I am looking at the speakers I have already mentioned to you.I just want the seller to confirm to me that they are good to go. No reply so far. I have visited this site a few times today in a quest to try and understand a few of the different terminologies used and get some inkling of why you folk here are such AR enthusiasts I will keep looking for the right amp. Thanks again Kent Regards Michelle
  15. Hi Kent, Thank you for taking the time to reply.I feel I need to learn a lot so it is kind of you to share knowledge. I will look at speakers as you suggest and thankyou for the link. Here are some pics of the TT. You was interested to see the arm Looks like it needs a good clean It is in the post. Hope I have bought something half decent ? Having written the above I now find I cant figure out how to get the pics attached.I was hoping to upload here straight from my gallery. I will keep trying. Regards Michelle
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