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  1. Interesting... my L810s, which I've owned since '78 -brand new, still have the woofer rubber surrounds... and still in great shape (knocking on walnut veneer)..
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    ADS L520

    I know it's been a while but I had to create an account to reply. From '76 through '78 I owned a pair of L520s. Walnut wood veneer and cloth covers. The woofers used rubber surrounds, the tweeter the soft cloth type. Black matte in front, flat back in back, with two screw in posts for connections. They sounded almost like a prototypical "monitor" speaker. Not very deep bass extension but very FAST and accurate bass and a very clean midrange with good -and sweet- treble extension. We used to call that the "East Coast" sound vs. the "West Coast" sound of the JBL L100 Century (with
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