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  1. Yes and good deal. The plan right now is just worry about the cabinets first and get them finished, then fix a scratchy woofer (thank God it has the screw on magnet) and then I will hopefully have my head wrapped around the crossovers.
  2. Thanks, and yes they do look a little bit intimidating, however, I at least have some experience with electronics, schematics, and a soldering Iron. I am still very much a novice but I tend to know my limits. With that said the 2 model 5's I have are the 2 different versions so the crossovers are not exactly the same so I get to figure out both. They are not the easiest project, but part of that is because I am taking my time fixing them. Oh and I have a ton of questions lol.
  3. Should have had a sign saying beware of bugs biting. I have been thinking how it it would look cool to use vintage speaker cabnets to "upcycle" to a surround system. Well, last week I find some model five's at Goodwill for what I thought was an ok price of 12.99 each (2 total). They looked like crap and did not work, so I go to looking for more information to make sure I am not going to start hacking on something I shouldn't...............I realize now I should NOT. So...I am like cool I will fix them and resale them, but I do want a receiver, or amp to basically build around. I ended up finding a set of Bose 901's with chrome tulip stands. The stands are in good shape and speakers do work, but no crossover and a little chunk missing in the top corner of one of the 901's. I paid 100 for the 901's but could have done better but I kinda felt bad for running him around trying to find an ATM that worked and just kind of making look like I was giving him the run around. Now, I still need a receiver, so I find I guy that gas a place filled wall to wall with random stuff but just so happens to be a gluten of old audio equipment, especially Bose, the guy liked bose. Well I get to digging my way to the back room and that is where I find a pioneer sx 780 that is just beautiful. Hook it up and everything seems to work. I figured I would ask because I really wanted to unload the 901's and keep the stands for myself and so I ask if he wants to work out a trade and he did. Now I want the receiver for me so I didn't mind giving up the 901's and $65 for a cherry fully functioning sx 780.....I honestly feel we both won that trade considering I still have the stands too as well as I can focus on the model 5's and getting them working. So now I am up to $191 for an absolutely beautiful setup that I can't listen to yet. However I do have some other speakers and a sub I hooked the receiver to to and it sounds awesome it is plenty for my space. I can't wait to fix the model 5's and hear them for the first time.
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