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  1. Hi all, I received a new "full size" allen tools box and one of them worked, perfectly. I'm sorry for such a silly issue. I 'd ask you for some more challenging questions soon, as I decided that I will repair the subwoofers by myself for the first time. I think that real experts are almost over so I decided to learn how to fix my LST speakers. And I'm a completely new guy here... Thank you! Carlos
  2. Hi again, I just realized that there are other Allen tools based on inches rather than on cm. I already ordered a set of non-European Allen tools, so no need to replay. Thanks! Carlos
  3. Hi! Thank you for the replay. I actually sow that there are two in each one, but I cannot open even one... I'm using an Allen tool number 1.5 (2 is too wide) but it looks like the four of them use another size, something between 1.5 and 2... Do you use Allen tools as well? Best, Carlos
  4. Hi, I have to open my AR LST speakers to change the subwoofer damaged parts. I opened many years ago and I cannot remember how to remove the Spectral Balance buttons. I tried to remove a screw with an allen tool but it looks like I cannot find the right size or maybe those screws should remain closed, but then I cannot open the front central cover. Any help to this silly question, please? Thank you very much in advance! Carlos
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