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  1. Hi, All. Thanks for the replies and welcomes. I won't be cranking any Ozzy, and I'm in a spare bedroom. I listen to a broad range of music from bebop to 60s psychedelia, but never at very loud volumes. My 6s were recapped about a year ago, and they sound great through my little cap-coupled Marantz and Pioneer receivers (26wpc). However, I noticed recently when hooking them up to a 45wpc Sony STR-6060, the 6s really opened up and sound stage really opened up too. It seemed to deliver a much larger range top to bottom. I really love these. I've got them hooked up to a Pilot 240 right now and they sound pretty good.
  2. Hi, All I just recently picked up a Pilot 232 EL84 tube amp. The literature for the Model 6s recommend at least 20wpc. Will the 232 be able to fully drive the Model 6s? Does anybody use a tube amp rated at 15-20 wpc with their Model 6s? thanks
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