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  1. Pretty much everything. The "Boston Acoustics Fans And Collectors" page on Facebook is Just starting out and attempting to provide all information on Boston speakers for the home. I used to be an audio store rat and visited them quite often. I purchased a pair of the A40s for my daughter to take to college in 1992, when they were being phased out. I remember many of the good shops sold BA bookshelf speakers as their budget friendly line, The HD series was especially popular. After trying out many speakers for a secondary stereo set-up, I settled on a used pair of CR85s, which I love. I know Andy sold the company in 2005. I am especially interested in the CR line. My series, as far as I know was the first to use drivers designed in house, but were assembled in Malaysia. Speaker lines and dates of production would be especially helpful, as well as any "insider" information.
  2. I'm looking for more info, too. I enjoy hifi history, especially American speaker companies. I used to own some Boston A40's and recently picked up a used pair of CR85s, which are fantastic speakers. I know the VR series are the deluxe models, but I found a third hand quote from Andy Kotsatos that the CR95, which are the same as mine, but in a floorstander, were the best speaker BA produced. Apparently they were only sold only one year because they sniped sales from the more expensive VRs. Anyway, the bookshelf series seems to go from the As to the HDxs to the CRxs, the CRx5s, CRx7s, the CSs, and finally the A series again. I would like to know the years all these were produced. Things get a bit muddy after the company was sold in 2005. I believe my CR85s are from about 2002-2003. The new A series was out about 2011 and there are many good reviews of them. They seem to use much of the technology that debuted with the CRx5 series. Sadly, speaker manufacturing ended completely for BA in June of 2018.
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