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  1. I am new to this site after stumbling upon it while trying to search the net for any info I could find on a big passive sub woofer I bought years ago and never tried. Any information or help is appreciated. I will attach a few photos of it along with a pair of AR-2ax and a pair of AR-6 speakers I have never tried out. The woofer, according to the terminal plate, was made by Acoustat with the number: 81109206, Spectra Passive Woofer. It appears to have at least 15" woofers on each side and one vent in the back. I can't seem to find it anywhere online. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The AR speakers I purchased from a friend over 30 years ago and never hooked up. I know, crazy right? I guess because I had more modern speakers that looked better, so I kept them stored unfortunately outside in a shop building. After viewing these on Ebay I began to realize and was surprised by the value these still have! I mean the factory cardboard box they came in for $40.00 plus $58.00 for shipping one empty box? OMG! Insane, LOL! One year during torrential downpours the roof of my shop sprung a leak and wouldn't you know it, my speakers were stacked right underneath it. Before I noticed it, the particle board and veneer on the AR-6's began to swell. The AR-2ax having solid wood are not as bad. I thought about just cutting, gluing and clamping plywood to the cabinets and using them for sound in my shop. Better than a boombox right? I still have to test all 4 and replace capacitors or pots from what I've read so far. Hit me back with any info or comments. Thanks!
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