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  1. Hi All, Just picked up a set of OLAs. One cabinet has the original woofer driver (needs refoaming), the other cabinet has a replacement 12 inch woofer. Haven't pulled it yet to determine the manufacturer. Looking for an original 12" (10" cone) woofer to install in this cabinet. If anyone has one to sell, please contact me. If it needs refoaming or a voice coil, that's OK. I can perform the rebuild (provided of course the voice coils are available somewhere). As always, thank you for your help. Paul
  2. Hello All, I am looking for a pair of AR-11 midrange driver screens (with the fiberglas and felt dispersion rings if they are available). Please send a PM to me if you have a set. Thanks everyone in advance for your help. Paul
  3. Do you know if RoyC offers a repair service or does he have an inventory of spare parts?
  4. Hi Adams, Thank you for your reply. I agree that I am presenting 2.6 ohms to the amp but I would have thought the Pioneer could handle that load if I didn't push the volume up too much. Apparently not. I also agree with you that this load could cause the mids to fail. Thought I was safe, guess not. Thank you also for the suggestion to contact RoyC if he doesn't drop in. I'd like his advice on the KLH Model 6s also regarding the cloth surround sealant he offers.
  5. Hi Everyone, I am new to The Classic Speaker Pages. Great web site! Really interesting and a huge resource of so much great information! I have a question regarding my AR11Bs. I just finished recapping (replaced the 8 uF caps) and rebuilding the crossovers on a pair of KLH Model 6s, circa 1959-1960? (S/Ns 14xx and 24xx range) I found on Craig's List. The speakers sound wonderful. I decided to connect them to my Pioneer VSX DS1 A/V receiver (130 W/channel RMS) along with the pair of AR11Bs. After about 15 mins. of listening, 10 o'clock on the volume control, one of the ARs developed a problem. The volume of the right channel dropped off and I suddenly heard lots of distortion. I determined the distortion was coming from the mid-range driver. Disassembled the AR11B (removed all drivers) and tested the tweeter and mid-range (woofer is OK). The tweeter DC resistance measurement is 4.2 ohms (OK) and the mid-range is testing at 18.7 ohms. Obviously a problem. Quick test on both drivers with a low level signal from the DS1 indicates the mid-range is very distorted and turns on and off. I am looking for an AR OEM replacement mid-range driver, P/N 200010-1. If anyone has one for sale I would be interested in buying it. Vintage-AR, as everyone here already knows, repairs mid-range drivers for ARs but they suggest the possibility of failures in the future unrelated to the repair, which concerns me. Thanks to everyone in advance for your help and any suggestions.
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