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  1. I just recieved the new caps for the 2 ax's.Does it matter which end goes which way?I know the two ends of two capacitors are the common.Does the orientation matter?Thanks,Rob
  2. Parts are no longer for sale,Thanks,Rob
  3. Does anyone have the bass drivers for these speakers.For sale/Trade?
  4. I am in need of 4 L 710 bass drivers.Rob
  5. Rob Irvin

    L710 conundrum????

    I have a pair of L 710's I just opened up. Just on inspection they did not look right. You can see from pictures that somebody had either salvaged or replaced speakers with realistic 6 inchers. The cabinets are in good condition, and everything works. So, do I part them out, or do I try and find 4 drivers? Any suggestions will be considered. Thank you in advance for comments.
  6. JKent,Thanks!!I was not sure.My 4ax's were a mismatched pair.Even though they sounded the same,I replaced that one with an older ribbed version. That was before I came here to this site.So,it might as well go back to someone in need.
  7. Is it the 8 inch woofer?I might have a spare.It came out of a late model 4 ax.I am not sure it is an original,No markings.RoyC on this site has the sealant/glue you would need.
  8. Just ordered the carli met caps.Sent Chris the tweeter.Will let everyone know the outcome with pictures.
  9. I am still working on the speaker with the new tweeter,The resistance is very low across the tweeter posts(0.5)ohms.So I guess I will have to open it up again and check??? Would be nice to have a diagram with Values to check.The bass and midrange drivers are working properly.I think I need to take the filler out and check all connections.I did not follow my fathers rule to do it right the first time.So back too it.
  10. For those of you that were still wondering,I got the hivis,and did the swap with the one blown tweeter.It makes an interesting contrast with the one speaker with the original.It is very clear and precise sounding.I had the in-house musician give a listen.He liked it,he said it is not as "shimmery"as the original.I am going to have Chris rebuild the original and then reinstall that. I think I will install the hivis into a set of Wharfedales that need a set of tweeters.Thanks for all your help,Everyone.I will be asking for more advice since I have about 20 more pairs of classic speakers.Rob
  11. Rob Irvin

    Model Seventeens

    Yes,thats the stuff.Easy to apply,comes off pretty easy.
  12. Rob Irvin

    Model Seventeens

    Yes Jkent,I was talking about cab sealant.I have been using grey rope trailer sealent.not to sticky,more like putty.I sealed up cab's and had a marked improvement in sound quality. Thanks again,back to the AR's.Rob
  13. Rob Irvin

    Model Seventeens

    Where would one acquire the black AR type sealant?
  14. Rob Irvin

    Model Seventeens

    Hey everybody,I am in the process of resealing a pair of model 17 bass speakers.I was wondering if I should use the AR type of sealant,or just reuse the thin foam ring. I am also wondering where to get the sealant?I used mobile home siding sealant for my ARs.Its the roll type,not the very sticky glue type.Only difference I can tell from the original is that it is .grey.
  15. Thanks RoyC.I have ordered the parts,just waiting for arrival and installation.
  16. JKent,I just finished a set of 4 ax's.They turned out very nice.The sound is excellent for book shelf speakers !Now,I am onto the 2 ax's.Again,to make sure a understand.I get the hivi's,and as per your your picture use a piece of cardboard to insulate the inductor from the coil.I soldier the leads as pic shows.and the polarity stays the same,as per the original contact posts? Thanks again !
  17. Thanks again everyone. Kent and Aadams,I will get back to you on what I decide to do.The hivi's sound like the way to go, I'll have to wait for Chris to find out what it costs.If it is just the inductor and speaker, and do not have to change the circuitry, that is feasible.Thanks again!
  18. Aadams,I was reading that if I were to use the hivi tweeters,I would have to use another inductor along with the one already there, and add two capacitors to change the polarity to the tweeter. That seemed like an awfull lot to do, and I did not want to change the circuitry.Thanks for your response,Rob
  19. JKent,I just posted a message to Chris,Thank you very much!
  20. Hi Chris.My name is Rob And I am new here.I have a 2 ax tweeter I a need to have rebuilt and I was told you are the guy to do it.So glad there are people like you, that can do this. It is a 68 model,red dome and it worked a week ago,The speakers were in good shape altogether, and the pots showed little wear.If you have the time, and inclination I would send it to you. Just tell me where and the price,Thanks,Rob
  21. Thanks everyone that replied! I have seen all the after market replacement types' I only need one tweeter actually .These are 1968 models,and before I replace them,I would really rather have a used original, are get the one I have repaired.It worked up untill a week ago,then quit. The rheostat's are in very good shape, just a little corroded, which I cleaned. I have not done any electrical diagnosis or repair for over 30 years,so now that I am retired,I have plenty of time. The ohm reading is 0.it is the orange dome with date on back.I really want to fix these back to the way they were, and keep them original.Thanks again everyone!Cheers
  22. Hello everyone.I am new here, and I am glad I found this site! I am in the process of refurbishing several sets of AR's. I just finished a set of 4 ax's, and now am at a loss on my 2 ax's. Can the tweeter be rebuilt(yes, I cleaned the pots).I am trying to keep them as original as possible.If they can not be repaired, I am going to have to replace with the HIVI's. I understand that I will have to replace the inductors and a capacitor. Does anyone have a schematic, as to what has to be done ,and a parts list? These are a 1968 version with the red dome.I would gladly pay for the schematics, and detailed instruction or the name of a place that can rebuild them.
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