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  1. Thanks Stimpy.I have shimmed the voice coil,and I am going to put the new surrounds on,and see if that fixed it.If not,the guy you recommended for repair,said,I should try to find replacements first , I would only do that if they were original to the model.Rob
  2. I am in need of one mid-driver ,Please contact me if you have one,or two available with price.If you have two that are reasonably priced,I can send you the ones I have that need to be reconed.(bad voice coils),Thanks,Rob
  3. Well,I do not know that they need replacing.I just got them in.I usually gather information before actually doing the rebuild.I have two bad mid driver's with burnt up voice coils, So I was not able to hear them.When and if I sell them,I usually replace all capacitors.I will not sell a piece of equipment,not knowing it is fully up to spec.Most capacitors I have found,have a 20% +/- tolerance.I like to replace them with a 5% to 10% cap.I really love the older,well made pieces,I believe they should be as close,or better than original,when I am finished with them. I will pull them out,and test them of course,It just save me a little time to already know what I might be knowing,so I can source them before hand.Thanks,Rob
  4. Can any one Plesse tell me what capacitors are needed to recap these speakers?Thanks,Rob
  5. Thanks Stimpy, I have done surrounds,and speaker realignment to several sets of AR speakers,but,on these,it looks like the material has become unglued from the card board tube.There also seems to be little rips in the material.I noticed rub marks also.I can not figure out what would cause this to happen.The rest of the drivers,and cabinets are in great condition,so thank you,I will call Bill,at miller sound.Rob
  6. While in the process of re doing the surrounds,I noticed that one of the mid drivers has A bad Voice coil.it some how got distorted and is rubbing.Can anybody recommend where or who to repair it. Thanks in advance,Rob
  7. I had previously bought some from a member.I am sorry,but I forgot his Name.Could some member have him contact me please.I should have bought twice the amount,Thanks,Rob
  8. Thanks Pete.I am just waiting for for an original early version with cloth surrounds.I spent so much time and effort to get them to this point,I am too stubborn to not complete them back to what they were before that dropping incident,thanks again,Rob
  9. Roy,I have a AR4x woofer I have been told you might be able to fix.I just refinished doing the cap upgrade.It was working fine,It fell off its perch,2 feet.Now,the woofer sounds like it blown?I explained this problem to Pete,and he said you can fix it.All wires and spiders are fine,and the cones pushes in and returns without hanging up or grating.Can you fix?


  10. Chris,You recently repaired my 2ax tweeter.Thanks,it works great.That same speaker fell from its perch.Now the bass driver buzzes,or barely works.So,I am also in need of a woofer.If you come across more than you need,give them my contact imfo.If you do,I will send you the blown speaker for shipping price.There are some on ebay,but they have been refoamed,and I am trying to stay original.Thanks,Rpb
  11. Does anyone have a picture of the back(magnet) of a DQ 18 bass driver?Are there any identifying marks,stamps,or stickers?There is a pair I am trying to buy,I just want to be sure the driver are unmolested and original.I would have to drive 100 miles to pick them up,and the owner(2nd) does not know.Thanks for any help.
  12. I am looking for both the woofers and one midrange for BA T 930 series two.Thanks,Rob
  13. Thanks,I know(I read) that Jerry helped design them.I would like to know what the individual speakers are supposed to be (on ohm meter) Every one I have questioned is either 4,or 6 ohm.I am very confused at this point.Rob
  14. Thanks PeteB.I just wanted to make sure of speaker compatibility.I would like to put them back to original. I always look on ebay,I guess I will just keep looking,have not found any except other replacement speakers.I was not sure if other speaker models used the same drivers.Rob
  15. I just came across a pair of B-A T 930 II.The tweeters work fine,but the midrange's and basses flutters and chirpped at just under 50 watts.All controls were flat.I know now the the bass speakers are transplants,they read low 5 ohm.I pulled one of the midrange speakers,it had Made in taiwan stamped on the back.I guess my question would be,what are the actual specs for the individual speakers? Also,I can not seem to find replacement speakers,even ones needing surrounds,Any help would be appreciated.Rob
  16. Most of what you might be looking for is in the older posts.I am pretty new here myself,and I asked the same questions,Most of the subjects on your speakers ,will be here,in detail,with pics.Good luck.Rob
  17. I am always wondering if I am hearing things correctly.I used to have a very good ear.Now,I am again wondering?Where do you get Ear Glasses.I promise not to wear them in public.Rob
  18. I spent a lot of time thinking about the grills.Since they do not affect sound,should they not be appealing to the eye?The originals or prone to breaking and warping.I also understand keeping them as an original feature,true to the speaker.I made some frames for my 2 ax's out of 1/2" square dowels.I am just waiting for the material to finish them.I do have the originals,but they are in sad shape.I will post pics when finished.Now,I guess I will have to refinish the cabinets.Just my 2 cents.Rob
  19. JKent,I know you did a piece on restoring the finish on cabinets.Could you direct me to


    JKent,could you redirect me to the information on the products you use on restoring the finish on cabinets,Thanks,Rob













  20. Thank you for the pic.Yes these were operated on by a mad scientist.Rob
  21. JKent,Do you know what other model ADS bass drivers will work as replacements for the L 710?Rob

  22. I have a pair of KLH 17's and a pair of 4 ax's.$150.00 a pair plus shipping.Both are in good condition internally.All original.Have to make room.Any questions?Just ask.The AR's are mismatched(serial No's)Both have minor chips and scratches.I have pic's of all,Just ask.Thanks,Rob re
  23. OK.They are nonpolarized ,I just wanted to make sure.Thank You!!!Rob
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