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    Restore Allison 9s?

    Hello, Would either or both of these work on the Allison Nine speakers? If so, are they easy to install, or would I need to take them to an audio shop?
  2. umbepm

    Restore Allison 9s?

    Thanks for your information. It is good to know that the Allison Speakers are unique--especially the mid-range and the tweeters. I appreciate your time and your willingness to share your knowledge.
  3. umbepm

    Restore Allison 9s?

    Hello, What would you say today is equal to an Allison? Is the Bose speaker even close? Based on your review, would you believe that these still play music? Listening to some albums, still sound better than "typical" speakers..... Thanks for your brief reply....
  4. umbepm

    Restore Allison 9s?

    Speaker J-1459--the worst of the two--this one needs the mid-range and the woofer, and I think the tweeter repaired, though they do play "music"--not near the original quality, of course, but I still use them and enjoy listening. and Speaker J-1461-the best of the two--this one still plays music well. Walnut Allison 9's
  5. umbepm

    Restore Allison 9s?

    Sure; the pics are attached of my walnut allison 9's. The mid-range of one of the speakers is clearly torn, yet stills "plays." This speaker is the worst one... https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipNtH3GaWsrKgxPmQxt1Y8sP_RegBaVe_QiiFU-r http://AF1QipOwHr41Xmhl87NzCtj30cuP1l7yJpUiOhUoVdqI https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipPk4qbKa2ZRtmJH3gWi3o0E-dd465_ydnh4_jlY Next speaker...this speaker is the best one... https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipOwcNrdPLG642KJhHSzWpDclKPblX0WD8C2MF5b http://AF1QipMAl6_id7qitGN9XugIZ2cVPJBwJiG9cJJq1ifv https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipMDhAn-DjPW0lCh2NuSMZVunYWTsERl4B_1Wn2n Thanks.
  6. Hello, I own a pair of Allison 9's--bought them around 1984, I think. I would like to have them tested to see how well each of the speakers is working--or not working, and what I can do about getting back to their original condition. I live in Bryan/College Station, TX. I know that I need to replace one mid-range..... Thanks for your help.
  7. umbepm

    Restore Allison 9s?

    Hello Bill, I am a novice--a driver is the same as a speaker--such as tweeter, a mid-range, and a woofer? Maybe the best plan would be for me to find a local person / business who could test my speakers and tell me how my Allison 9's fair? I live in Bryan/College Station, TX. In between Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas/Ft. Worth. Do you have any suggestions of a person who could "test" my Allison 9's to see what needs repair? Or how I would go about finding someone? Thanks for your reply. I appreciate your help.
  8. Hello, I found this site by looking for information on vintage floor speakers--Allison 9s. I am the original owner of a pair of walnut Allison 9 speakers. Can you please guide me on the cost of restoring my speakers? I think I would need to replace the two mid-range speakers, one tweeter, and re-foam the two woofers-just from my reading on some websites? I am also open to selling them, if I could buy speakers that are equal in value--here you can see I am a complete novice in speakers--as I saw a website selling floor speakers up to 10,000 for a pair......wow! My Allison 9s retailed for about 1,000. for the pair when I bought them around 1984? If I were to replace these speakers, what would it cost to replace them for a pair of speakers that are "equal" in value? I could swear that when I listen to these Allison's, I hear notes that other speakers don't produce? Am I completely biased, or I am a correct? Thanks for your replies......
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