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  1. True.... I would hate to have to remove these woofers again to gain access to the crossover, unless I have to remove a different driver?
  2. Interesting, I always thought that the issues were always in the crossover and not the actual speaker. I kind of though that the speaker was either good or bad. How can the driver itself cause it to be too bright or less bright?
  3. Looking for a guru's input on this, or really anyone that understands these things. I bought set of these speakers with the crossovers already recapped. I trust the guy that did the work, he has a good rep on the AK.com forum. I dont know how many he has done, but he has been honest with me and I dont get any bad vibes. Question is, that one speaker is brighter than the other. If I use the above 7000 CPS selector it sounds closer to the other. But still not 100%.. Any idea why? I thought maybe the receiver was dying or a section was, so I swapped the speaker wires and the one speaker still sounds brighter, hence me pointing to that particular speaker's crossover. thanks!
  4. I dont know anything about speakers, but I have a random question. Does the Model Fives midrange driver has visual excursion? Ive never seen it move at all... Thanks
  5. Makes sense... I understand what you mean on the color matching as I dont want a 100% match, just more-so than the mismatch as they are now. I found some pictures from the original owner ( an old sale ad ) and you can see it more here ( the color variation )
  6. Sorry for the confusion, I like your speakers after the restore. Although a bit more gloss than Id like. All in all, I dont know whats going on with the speakers. One is dark and the other is light. I dont know what finish they are, I dont know whats on them. I dont know anything about them, hence me posting here seeing if anyone would chime in. Thanks anyway, I appreciate your input. Id like them to match as minimum. So I might just sand lightly to knock some of the finish off and then throw on some Watco oil. I dont really want to use more chemicals than I have to to remove the old finish, whatever that may be...
  7. Oh that im not sure on... Do you recommend sanding or just using something like the Howards RAF or maybe that Formbly or something like that? Then go over them both with the Watco Med. Walnut? Suggestions on how to apply the finish/stripper? I think I want to use the synthetic steel wool since it seems a tad safer and I dont want to pull the drivers, so I'll be using plastic and taping that area off.
  8. Thanks. The color is most definitely off... Maybe I can see if I can get my wife to get a better shot.. Stand by. Edited: here is another shot from the sale ad I bought them from
  9. I do have some images of the coloration being off, maybe this would help for a better path to take? Edited: Not sure why they are sideways, they are upright on my PC...
  10. Sure, but not with them currently... But I think Im just going to stay with the dope'd woffer surrounds. Many say there is no point in doing the mids ( even RoyC says that ) and the caps are still debatable.
  11. The finish is very nice, just one looks faded and the other well does not. There are almost zero scratches on them, covers looks very good, serials are close 003119 and 003126. I guess it sat in the sun.. Should I dope the mids? What about the cap? Just the woofer surrounds are doped.
  12. Appreciate it. I received them yesterday and the finish is off, one is darker than the other. Any suggestions on how to deal with them? Should I hit them with some 220-320 or whatever then use the natural watco oil on the darker one then use the dark walnut watco on the lighter one to.match them up?
  13. I did end up finding a set, not far from me!
  14. okay.. It looks like the lacquer is impossible or I should say very hard and LLOONNGG process to remove the finish. no?
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