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  1. Thx Adriano. I'll do that Un abrazo!
  2. Agree Kent. but Bi-amping sounds great!. I will test it in future Un abrazo!
  3. thx Jerry, it will be nice to test this option. Right now I lived in Santiago, Chile and I have few options of finding this marvelous equipment you recommend but I'll take down your advice for future searchings! Thx a lot, the attitude of people of this forums is exceeding my expectations! Diego
  4. thx for your suggestions adriano, I think find the Sony STR 6065 would be better solution for me. I don't have any Tube amp for music -I have a lot for guitars , my passion-...It'd be nice get some of this marvelous things :-). I was surprised about using high wattage modern amp with these delicate boxes!...it could be dangerous...couldnt it? Thx a lot, I will think about your advices Keep in touch, Diego
  5. Thx for your comments Kent. I didn't expect such a rich ones..thx a lot, I really love vintage sound but don't have enough knowledge. I bought these for jazz and classic music but paired with my amps i felt distortion operating at 1 or 2 level (depending the dynamics of the recording of course) I lived in Chile (i'm spanish) and don't find a low power, nice sounding amp in Santiago Thx again Un abrazo
  6. Hi all, This is my first post in this forum,'ve been reading some post...Congratulations for the contributions!! Two years ago bought a pair of AR 2a in very nice status, but I never have heard them well (musical fidelity a100, marantz 1150, NAD 352...)...could you recommend some that work well with it? thx in advance Diego
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