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  1. Thanks LesE for the response. I have been using these guys for random listening in a smaller room powered like you by a Sherwood 7100A. They really seem to be paired well with the little Sherwood. That same receiver sounded brittle and harsh matched with a pair of Polk monitor 5jr's. But it is a completely different story with the L500's. Super tight bass and nice mellow midrange and highs. I really enjoy how the ADS tweeters get high but remain delicate. I am excited to get some nice stands and try them properly with my Yamaha CR-2020. Does Luxman match well with vintage ADS speakers
  2. I recently gave my daughter my set of ADS L1's for her first house. I had not used them in a while and thought I would not miss them. But when I sat them up in her house, I was immediately taken by how good they sounded. I was trusting in the karma gods that by me making room something else would take there place. Well just as i hoped, a set of mint ADS L500's popped up on craigslist for a super low price almost immediately. I picked them up from the original owner and was very pleased by how well they had been taken care of. They are the cloth cover with the big D in the ADS logo. I am
  3. Swampfox77

    ADS L1 ?

    I did live in Tampa and St. Pete in the early 2000's. Worked for US Airways there. But now I live in Raleigh, NC. Back in my home state.
  4. Swampfox77

    ADS L1 ?

    Recently scored a set of the rarely heard from ADS L1's. They have a black finish with the metal grill and corners that are on a 45 degree. I was never able to find out much about them before i picked them up. Why is that? I read where they are "mythical" and rare. So anyways I am enjoying them. They have really sweet tweeters for sure. They are the only speakers that I can play at dead flat across the tone board on my yamaha cr2020 and be totally happy. I usually throw one notch or two above flat on the highs for most of my other speakers. They are keepers no questions asked. But
  5. you are right. I am listening to them now. so nice. i will pull the grill and snap some pics. thanks
  6. Hey everyone, first post here. I have for the last year been in love with my 1969 set of AR2ax's that I scored for 40$. All the while searching for the elusive affordable AR3. Well they finally found me over the last weekend. Very pleased to say the least. They are in perfect condition. I was blessed with no water marks or scuffs. Just one small bang on a upper top edge, not even really writing about. I am really wondering the age of the speakers without removing the woofers just yet. The serial numbers are 10744 and 13144. Does anyone know around when these could of been built? Anywa
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