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  1. I would agree that sticking to same dome type would be good although although the materials and characteristics of the dome will still cause many differences. The shop is is a metal fabricator, the bonus is they have a CNC machine, so I will have to supply and original plate for them to scan, should be interesting, found them through a friend who owns a custom granite kitchen counter top business. I did notice the of axis graphs and my first choice was the SB Accoustics with the XT 25 second. I have never actually seen specs on the original AR 9 tweeter so have kind of been doing some educated guessing. I wont be running any party levels so I should be good with lower power units. My decibel meter say we average 70 to 80 db listen levels. We may have the odd evening and run it up a bit but to us it is loud. We only tested the AR 9's once to see what hey could do and yes concert levels they can hit, we also were wearing some musician earplugs when we tested which knock off a lot of decibels and protect our ears. I have always noticed with good audio you don't realize how loud it is until you try to talk to someone. Will be interested to see what the issue is when you tested the AR 9 tweeter. And thanks for the 3D printer info.
  2. HI Pete Point well taken, coolaid swallowed. So for my own curiosity I have come down to a few possible tweeters I would like to experiment with on a sound level even though specs make require adjustment to the upper frequency cross over. I have also sourced a fabricator locally who can produce an adapter plate quite reasonably to prevent making any alterations to the actual cabinets. Should be a good experiment for myself to sit a modifed AR 9 next to one of my original AR 9's to do an A/B comparison. Before I do any ordering of tweeters I thought it best to get your professional opinions, like and dislikes. Also I am interested in the 3D printer that you have ordered Pete, that would make sense for prototyping and playing with alternate drivers, I may to some quick research and follow in your footsteps. So so far these are the tweeters I am thinking of including the SB Acoustics SB19ST-C000-4 you mentioned. https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/soft-dome-tweeters-sb-acoustics/sb-acoustics-sb19st-c000-4-3/4-dome-tweeter-4-ohms/ SB Acoustics SB29RDC-C000-4 (4 ohm ) https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/ring-radiator-tweeters/sb-acoustics-sb29rdc-c000-4-ring-dome-tweeter/ Peerless XT25TG30 1" Dual Ring Radiator (4ohm) https://www.parts-express.com/peerless-by-tymphany-xt25tg30-04-1-dual-ring-radiator-tweeter--264-1016 SEAS Prestige 25TFFC (H0519) Textile Dome Tweeter ( 6 ohm ) https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/soft-dome-tweeters-seas/seas-prestige-25tffc-h0519-textile-dome-tweeter/#tab-1 Brian
  3. HI RoyC Would better dispersion not be a desirable thing, and would it not provide better clarity and range at different listening angles. Was there a particular reason for the recessed tweeter in the AR 9 ?
  4. Good point, from my younger days I probably cut off 14K or so as well, maybe its actually time for an ear test also. My concern was difficulty getting good components. Brian
  5. Hi Roy Not suggesting redesigning the AR 9, I love my fully working pair, my first set. The second set is getting final touches, this third set is more of a problem so thought I would see if other drivers are out there that were very close in performance to the original AR 9 before trying to do a ferro fluid cleanup and replacement or find someone who can do a repair on the tweeters or UMR But from what you said, I think I will order a couple of the Mid West tweeter and keep an eye for some UMR in good shape. Brian
  6. I know its been talked about on this forum before, and I have red a lot of discussions on tweeters and replacement tweeters. But I decided after acquiring another set of AR 9's that have some failed and aged or weak drivers it was time to resurrect this subject as the spare parts do get harder to find and when you do find originals you often have the problems associated with age and what you actually get when buying such an old component. I recently found my second pair of AR 9's had a very veiled sound, after swapping tweeters from a pair of AR 91 speakers I discovered it was a tweeter problem probably related to ferro fluid that has either hardened or gotten gummy after 40 years, i am told. I am no Mr. sound engineer although I have been playing with sound since about the age of 12, ( now let's just say above 50 now), Have built a few speakers from scratch back around 22 using kef drivers, EV drivers, isophone etc., and just tinkered with crossovers. Have a electronics degree, ( but getting rusty), alng with a few other papers, built and sold several Technology companies except the last two that I currently own. So my passion I have finally had the time to play with, sound. The last pair of AR 9's have now had new Mundorf Aluminum oil Capacitors, upgraded wiring and some minor refinishing. NOW the big question and hoping to get some solid suggestions from those with more experience in audio. I have read some old post, 2005, newer and older as to substitute drivers. So I have found two of the obvious tweeter replacements. ABtech, Simply speakers and Midwest Speakers. ABtech http://www.abtechservices.com/index.html These guys were helpful and at least spoke to me. Also explained it was the same speaker that Simply Speakers sold. Simply Speakers https://www.simplyspeakers.com/acoustic-research-replacement-tweeter-12000840.html The fellow I spoke to at simply was essentially rude and emailed they only have the info that was on the site. I phoned and got the remark "well it is an old speaker and that's what they have, so take it or leave it. They implied I would not notice any sound difference as the old speaker was probably so bad this would improve" Midwest Speakers https://www.midwestspeakerrepair.com/shop/home-audio/mw-audio-mt-4121-75-inch-dome-tweeter/ The guys at Mid West and actually sent out a full spec sheet on their tweeter, something else no one else could seem to offer. And then the question crossed my mind why not upgrade, Dayton Audio, Scanspeak, Seas, they all offer some amazing dome tweets that have extended range to 25k or 40k and UMR units that are cleaner and smoother, and why not tinker with improving if at all possible. So now the question of trying to figure out how we can improve on a couple or three drivers and get even a cleaner natural sound. So I am looking to the pro's, hobbyist and the experienced for ideas, discussions and suggestions. And why not it's a hobby that I totally enjoy and enjoy the results of.. Brian MT-4121-4 New.doc
  7. Thanks DavidR That info about the AR 9 tweeter repair was very valuable. I was also told they were not repairable. So what would be nice if there was a speaker repair service that could service the tweeter and the UMR. Myself I am not that steady handed and will get new glasses before attempting that tweeter operation. Has anyone actually used the tweeter from Midwest Speakers and if so what were your findings ? https://www.midwestspeakerrepair.com/shop/home-audio/mw-audio-mt-4121-75-inch-dome-tweeter/ Brian
  8. Think we have traced the problem. Swapped the AR 91 tweeter with the AR 9 tweeter and behold, the veil was completely gone what a difference. So did a plain decibel measurement with a test tone at 9k and 10k set the original tweeter for about 65db, left everything the same changed to the Ar 91 tweeter turned power amp back on did a measurement and saw closer 69 db maybe pushing 70 db. So we changed out both tweeters from the AR 91 and put them in the AR 9's .... End result was the more amazing then the amazing I had before. Guess I will change my will and have my ashes buried inside one of these now,....lol So thanks for the tweeter info DavidR and RoyC. Has anyone actually used these in the AR 9? I will phone them to see if they have a full spec sheet on the unit. Thanks again everyone. Again does anyone have an opinion or have experience with the Acoustic Research Holography Imaging M 4.5 Speakers. The picture below is a pair I can pickup for 150.00 now, aboit 120.00 US. One bad thing is they are vinyl covered not veneer.
  9. Hey guys Thanks so much for the input on the sometimes veiled AR 9 sound. We will figure it out, I have two(2) near mint sets of AR 9 so comparison is easy just have to go room to room. As well as the AR91 and AR 7. What I can say is the AR 91's sound clear, open and crisp although they are a 3 way. The second set of of AR 9's were rebuilt using Benics and dayton caps. And seriously I would have to say the AR 9's with the Mudorf aluminum oil sound the better of the two sets. What i do notice about the sets of AR 9's is the tweeters in one set are definitely louder and more , so will be doing some tweeter swapping this weekend. Next step is to see if I can spec out a tweeter that is close to the original. Has anyone actually used the Simply speakers tweeter replacement ? Also wondering were I can find all the specs on the original tweeter? Also have a chance to get a hold of a set of excellent condition Acoustic Research Holography Imaging M 4.5 Speakers, only problem is I understand all that series were vinyl covering and not a nice wood finish. Any thoughts on the Holograph series, specifically the M 4.5 ( I can grab them for 200.00 cdn. About 150.00 USD. )
  10. So my next question is with all the high end electronics ; 2 x Bryston 4B ST Power AMPS 1 X Bryston 3B ST Power Amp 1 x Marantz AV-7005 pre amp 1 x OPO BRP-103 We still find the AR 9's have a lack of openness, or much like a thin blanket over the speakers. This of course varies with source but seems to be present. Anyone have any thoughts on bypass capacitors, possible tweeter issues or do we need to make a tweak to the crossover to eliminate that roll off of the upper frequencies. Maybe someone can explain or offer suggestions that would be great. I have also been told that the Marantz preamp will soften the sound of everything and even though it is a high unit tends to be quoted as a soft sound ?? Cheers to everyone and a Happy, Healthy New Year. Brian
  11. HI AR Surround So for the slow reply, caught up in the season and demands on my time. I get no harshness or glare from the UMR at all. And seriously no noise, just clean. I am driving the AR 9's with a Bryston 4B ST Power AMP with lots of headroom, a conservative 350 Watts per channel. www.bryston.com What I found is everything is so clean that depending on the source the 9's sometimes sound like they have a bit of a vale or blanket over them. The tweeters are working but I am wondering how well, possibly the efficiency has dropped. As I have sometime boosted the 6K to 16K range by a 1.5 DB in the Marantz Av-7005 preamp equalizer. Go with the mundorfs EVo Oil
  12. Well, first thanks everybody for replying so quickly and with so much information, thank you. So a little further explanation. ALL the caps in the AR 9 were replaced, Mundorf MCap EVO Oil for Tweeter and Upper Midrange. Used AXON for the Lower Midrange. TWEETER CIRCUIT (Mundorf EVO Oil) The 4 uF, 6uF in the high Tweeter circuit. Used EVO Oil 3.3 + 2.7 for the 6uF Used EVO Oil 3.9 for the 4uF (Original 6uF had drifted to 27.9. Original 4uF was 5.7 ) UPPER MID RANGE (Mundorf EVO Oil) The 8uF, 24uF and 40 uF UMR Used EVO OIl 8.2 for the 8uF Used EVO Oil 15 + 8.2 for the 24 uF Used EVO OIl 18 + 18 + 3.3 + .68 for the 40uF ( Original 40uF was now 52.7. Original 24 was now 28.4 ) LOWER MIDRANGE ( AXOM ) The 30uF and 80 uF in LMR Used 30uF AXOM for the 30uF Used 39 + 41 AXOM for the 80 uF ( Original 30 was now 32.1. Original 80 was now 95.7 ) Couple of links of interest. http://www.humblehomemadehifi.com/Cap.html http://www.humblehomemadehifi.com/download/Humble Homemade Hifi_Cap-Test-Ratings.pdf http://www.thlaudio.com/solncitmE.htm NO doubt the sound is WOW clean and amazing, what I am understanding is to get that open airy sparkle I need to jumper the tweeter, UMR and lower midrange with teflon caps, anyone have any thoughts. Brian
  13. So we have been listening to the AR 9's for a while with the CAP's replaced. Used Mundorf MCap Aluminum oil. Extremely smooth, flat and clean, sometimes to flat. After a few months of listening we quite often feel like there is a vale in front of the high end. Often wanting to hear a little more openness, sparkle and air from the top end. Have adjusted EQ and tend to push the mids / high end up a few DB. So is this a choice of caps in the upper mid's, and tweeter as I have read several articles both on this board and others referring to different cap brands producing different results ? As far as the bottom end, the two 12 woofers, I am being told to remove the large capacitors, 2500.00 and 470. Anyone have any thoughts and hookup methods.
  14. Hey David The Ar 9's are definitely smoother with a lower bottom end, very impressive on those low bass notes, and very flat and honest. The 91's do keep up though, still great bass just not as low. Running them together they compliment each other very well, becomes quite the sound stage. Had many a comment that it sounds Live and real !! The problem for most people is not enough good clean power. My background in Electronics, sound and music does help a lot. The AR 9's have been compared side by side with many speakers in the 3000.00 to 15000.00 range, (B&W) Bowers & Wilkens 804 and Nautilus, Model T Signature from Bryston, GoldenEar Triton One, Paradigm, Vintage JBL., Bostons, infinity, RBH T30, Definitive Technology BP7000 and a few more, all in all for the cost I will take the AR 9's re-foamed and with renewed crossover electronics sticking to the original design and parts values. Some of the newer speakers definitely can do better in certain areas but overall nothing that makes me want to spend 10K or 20K . In the end I like the AR 9's after many, many comparisons. As far as driving them, with any speaker the more clean power the better. With the AR 9's and the AR 91's you can use them with a lower powered amp but at much lower listening levels. I currently drive the AR 9's with a BRYSTON 4B ST power amp about 450 watts per channel into 4 ohms. As well the AR 91's are also driven with a BRYSTON 4B ST . So in total I have 3 Bryston 4B ST Amps, the third to run my other toys like AR 7 and AR 4xa. They are drive by a Marantz AV 7005 preamp. I also have the option of feeding a ROTEL 985 MK II power amp. I prefer the Brystons. http://www.bryston.com/ Best Regards Brian
  15. HI David No I never did get the 162's . We instead ended up with two sets of AR 9 flagship, both in near mint condition, as well as 1 set of AR 91's I would consider excellent like new condition with the exception of having the surrounds done on all the speaker systems. Brian
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