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    I have a pair of L570's...2 way bookshelf that sound great. So good, I'm looking into purchasing a pair of L9e's...3 way bookshelf.
  2. It's ok ra.ra. The replacement tweeter sounds great. The KLH 17's are from the same era and I can't tell any difference in sound quality. Just don't tell Roy Allison that I used a Henry Kloss tweeter....lol. Both genius pioneers of quality audio as I'm sure you already know. Regarding the sound of the AR 4X, they image like crazy...I love em and will keep them.
  3. I couldn't get the tweeter to work so I pulled one of similar size from a KLH model 17 I had in my bone yard. Had to open up the hole just slightly on the 4X box. These are some very good vintage speakers. I'm powering them with a Sony STR 5 receiver and they sound very nice indeed. I will recover these with some new loose weave linen and keep them in the rotation for a while in my spare bedroom.
  4. Can anyone explain how to disassemble the tweeter? Thanks!
  5. I love looking at these old magazines....thanks for posting ra.ra. I can't wait to get my AR3's and 4X's fully functional.
  6. I have the same ring of rust...lol. I didn't see any way to disassemble the driver though. Yes, there seems to be some connection problem to the voice coil. It not connecting to make sound. I'll have to look at it again to see if I can take it apart. On a happier note. ..the speakers sound great when they both work.
  7. Hi ra ra. The tweeter cone perimeter. It's odd I know
  8. Hello all. The tweeter on one works only when i apply gentle pressure with my fingers. What does this indicate? I cannot see anything outwardly wrong with the tweeter. Any help would be appreciated. Jeff
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