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  1. I bought my Allison sevens in 1984 when I lived in Boston. By 1985 I was living in Framingham and had the pleasure of doing work for Roy Allison as an independent contractor. One day I turned my volume up too loud and blew one of my tweeters. I went to Allison Acoustics at 7 tech Circle in Natick Massachusetts to get a replacement tweeter. Roy saw me, came out to say hello, inquired why I was there, and then admonished me for blowing one of this tweeters! Then he showed me a fuse kit that he sold and he told me to buy it, install it, and I would never blow one of his speakers again. I paid him the $10 plus $0.50 tax, went home and immediately installed the fuses. In fact every set of speakers I have bought since 1985 I have installed fuses on. I have not blown a speaker since!! (My repaired allison 7 tweeter was crushed by my infant daughter who toppled one of my 7's attempting to climb it...) Thank you, Roy! Right before Thanksgiving I was able to acquire a pair of Allison 9's. The owner told me one of the tweeters had been repaired by Bill at millersound. That makes two tweeters I know of that bill has repaired and I know he put a voice coil in mine. What coil it was and where he got it from I have no idea, but both repaired tweeters sound very good. My ears can not detect a difference.
  2. Thanks! She sounds great, too! I picked her up on Ebay.
  3. Update: I was mistaken concerning the quality of the repaired tweeter. Bill did a fine job. Weeks of listening to different styles and formats of music have confirmed that the difference is virtually non existent.
  4. Hi, Bill. In my opinion the repaired tweeter is not as bright and crisp as my other tweeter.
  5. Every pic I take of my repaired speakers is too large (over 178.12 megabytes) for me to upload to show you...
  6. Thanks. I keep finding ones that have been reformed. I spoko with Bill, who tells me that they ruined them and to avoid getting ones that weren't foamed by him. He told me he wouldn't pay more than 50 bucks for a pair of used 8" Allison wolfers that needed to be reconed and reformed. A fellow is selling what he claims are Allison woofers, but I am skeptical because the magnets are round, not square.
  7. With the anticipated arrival of my original, repaired speakers later today from MillerSound, I am officially two Allison 8", 4ohm woofers away from having completely restored my 4 Allison CD7s to factory specs. My question: when searching for Allison woofers, what can one expect to pay for a working pair, or for a pair of drivers that need to be sent for reconing and refoaming?
  8. Sure! Bill told me he replaced the coil and the cone and that it works and sounds great.
  9. I am interested in acquiring them but I thought it was restricted to local pick. Was I mistaken?
  10. Woofers and tweeter repairs completed by Bill and due to arrive on 9/6/17!
  11. In error, I purchased a Allison 2, 1" tweeter that I thought I could install in my Allison 7's. I was wrong. I paid $85 plus postage and returns are not accepted. If anyone is interested in aquiring this component, please let me know. Thanks.
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