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  1. Thanks, Guys. To summarize then, the AL-115's tweeters (the ones on the right in the pictures) are older than the tweeters on my 1998 hybrids, and are shorter and six ounces lighter only because they don't have magnetic shielding? (Another difference I didn't mention is that the metal mesh is more domed in the AL-115 tweeters, if that sheds any more light). The difference in sound may be because the AL-115 tweeters have been swapped out by an earlier owner for tweeters from a three-way set of ALs? There are no markings on the backs of either set of tweeters apart from a red dot or cross mark to show where to connect the red wire. Please keep the comments/thoughts coming..... Thanks!
  2. Did Allison change the tweeter design of the AL-110/115s over time? Around 1998, I bought a pair of speakers directly from the factory; it was an unusual pair that they basically put together for me: AL-110 drivers in AL-105 cabinets. Together with an active subwoofer (different brand), these sounded better than anything else I could afford for the past 18 years. Catastrophe struck a few months ago when a leak in my house soaked the speakers and ruined the cabinets. The drivers were fine. I found a pair of AL-115s in perfect condition, luckily, and bought them. The moment I listened to them, though, I could tell the tweeters were not as sweet as my old ones. Not as transparent, airy or delicate. Narrower sounds stage. More sibilant. Nowhere near as smooth at high volumes. The tweeters looked pretty much the same from the outside, so I took them out of the cabinets...and there were differences between the two sets. The old ones were heavier (each 27.3 ounces vs 21.3) with bigger magnets (pictures attached). I swapped the tweeters (cutout dimensions etc matched perfectly), and the AL-115s now sound superb....better than the old setup and I am beyond happy. Added lower end punch and midrange richness. Can anyone shed light on the tweeter differences? I can't tell how old the AL-115s are, although I think they are newer than my old hybrid Allisons. Only one of the AL-115s has a label, and the company address is Bellingham, MA; serial # R 3607. Thanks.
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