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  1. jaykay3

    ADS L730 Mods

    Thanks to you and Glitch for sound advice! Looks like i'm just going to put some wood polish on the beautiful cabinets and call it a day! Cheers! Kent
  2. jaykay3

    ADS L730 Mods

    Thanks Glitch. To clarify - I LOVE the sound of these. Just picked them up on the cheap cheap and they are in perfect condition top to bottom drivers to My dad had ADS when I was growing up, and the sound is something i'll always be fond of. I just really want to make sure i am getting the most out of these. Someone told me yesterday that having the crossovers rebuilt with the most modern caps/etc. will make a big difference.
  3. jaykay3

    ADS L730 Mods

    Hello! Anyone have any information on modifying L730 or similar? Worth using some modern drivers, etc? Any information will be hugely appreciated! Thanks. jk3
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