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  1. Picking up this thread again one year later. Randy, probably a good idea to measure the original components for their properties. So I got to thinking, I've already replaced the crossovers, why not replace the drivers too. I know there are recommended drivers that are most like the originals, but I've changed up the crossover at this point and they may not emulate the originals exactly. Perhaps a particular woofer or tweeter is a better fit than those recommended for the original crossover. Is there a technique to determine the appropriate replacement drivers for a given crossover output by running a tone into the crossover and then measuring what comes out at any given driver lead?
  2. These turned out great! I was asking for feedback because this was literally the first time I've ever soldered anything together. Had to go through and triple check all the connections. I didn't get any feedback so I said "screw it", and jumped right in. The speakers sound incredible. The treble control knob on the back now has a very noticeable effect on the sound. Also, I would say the speakers are sounding great, but I changed out my preamp at the same time as the crossovers, so it's hard to know what is due to what. But in total everything sounds great now.
  3. Here's the bill of materials. I've updated the attached photos to include the assignments for the components: Part Number Description Qty Units Price Total Xover Part 260-194 Black Perforated Large Hole Crossover Board Pair 5" x 7" 2 Pair $4.80 $9.60 Board 027-124 Audyn Cap Q4 82uF 400V MKP Foil Capacitor 2 EA $19.62 $39.24 C1 027-578 Solen 16uF 400V Polypropylene Capacitor 2 EA $9.29 $18.58 C2 027-117 Audyn Cap Q4 8.2uF 400V MKP Foil Capacitor 2 EA $4.06 $8.12 C3 027-236 Dayton Audio PMPC-6.2 6.2uF 250V Precision Audio Capacitor 4 EA $4.93 $19.72 C4/C5 027-238 Dayton Audio PMPC-6.8 6.8uF 250V Precision Audio Capacitor 2 EA $5.19 $10.38 C6 027-900 Jantzen 0200 0.10uF 400V Crosscap Capacitor 2 EA $1.20 $2.40 C7 027-462 Jantzen 0506 0.15uF 1200V Z-Superior Capacitor 2 EA $10.84 $21.68 C8 255-424 Jantzen Audio 1.2mH 15 AWG Air Core Inductor Crossover Coil 4 EA $16.39 $65.56 L1/L2 255-418 Jantzen Audio 0.82mH 15 AWG Air Core Inductor Crossover Coil 2 EA $14.06 $28.12 L3 255-024 Jantzen Audio 0.20mH 20 AWG Air Core Inductor Crossover Coil 2 EA $5.25 $10.50 L4 255-036 Jantzen Audio 0.50mH 20 AWG Air Core Inductor Crossover Coil 2 EA $6.40 $12.80 L5 017-4 4 Ohm 20W Resistor Wire Wound 4 EA $0.98 $3.92 R1A/R1B 015-4 4 Ohm 5W Resistor Wire Wound 5% Tolerance 2 EA $0.48 $0.96 R2 016-5.6 5.6 Ohm 10W Resistor Wire Wound 5% Tolerance 2 EA $0.64 $1.28 R3 015-5 5 Ohm 5W Resistor Wire Wound 5% Tolerance 2 EA $0.48 $0.96 R4 015-3 3 Ohm 5W Resistor Wire Wound 5% Tolerance 2 EA $0.48 $0.96 R5 004-30 Dayton Audio DNR-30 30 Ohm 10W Precision Audio Grade Resistor 2 EA $1.38 $2.76 R7
  4. Hello all! I restored the woofers on a pair of goodwill dahlquit DQ-10s and have enjoyed them for about 2 years. I finally got the gumption up to rebuild the crossovers from scratch using some serious components. I am a total novice on electronic circuits, but have a basic understanding of how to read a circuit and soldering. As of now I have glued all the components in place and would love any commentary about fixing it all in place with the solder. Attached are progress and the schematics I've run through trying to put this together. I'll add a bill of parts tomorrow and some labels. Here is a link to the progress and originals. You will see the woofer and mid woofer circuits are on a separate board as the mid, tweeter and supertweeter: https://goo.gl/photos/gE34pwmCvZrYC8W9A Thanks for any help!!!! DQ10A.pdf
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