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  1. With a multi-meter set to a high ohms setting (20K and above) test for either being "open" or "shorted". A good cap will charge up sometimes slowly depending on cap value and then hold the charge.
  2. i see now how its worked into the thread, Thanks!!
  3. Thanks for posting it !
  4. Hi Rick for some unknown reason i am not able to upload img of any size or format uploaded to the site, so URL is pointing to a server containing the images of the 'Prototype Nines'. Since i have seen and given those panels to David Janszen last week he said they were prototypes hand built by his father.
  5. Hi All anyone have any info on these KLH's, they don't have the usual set of 10 woofers like the 3 other pairs i have let alone any other KLH Model Nines I've seen in 50 yrs, any info? link to the KLH pictures www.ishaenterprisesllc.com/
  6. rdiiorio


    The Nines are NOT being manufactured again, not at this time anyway
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