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  1. I have genesis 320 and I blew tweeters, purchased used ones on ebay but they seemed dull.I then got human tweeters wow what a difference.. Very nice build quality.. An excellant upgrade..My 4.5 mids has radial cracking and 1 of the 4 8 inch woofs cuffed.So I said screw it and ordered all new 4.5 and 8 inch woofers.. Geting them today.. I will rebuild the old woofs for a project maybe.. I could not pass up on new speakers for them.. 4 years ago replaced all the capacitors with dayton audio poly, a fun easy project to do. Not expensive either.. you can buy a cheap testor at amazon or ebay to
  2. I still got my 320's that I rebuilt... And kept great base for surround sound. Paired with a used paradigm 6.5' dual woofer ported center channel speaker I am very impressed at the sound at regular volumes... Paradigm and 2 nht in real wood cabinets for 220 bucks in mint condition... Old stuff really has a purpose.... And when sub 12 inch get unplugged cleaning I have a hard time figuring sub is not connected.... They really can kick base.. Until you realize the really low is missing... Chair rattling....
  3. Take lots of pics all those wires get confusing.... I grouped mine together and marked the hot or my guess of the hot.. If you recap you need a lot of room to remove and install caps.. Desolder tape is great.. Also that darn fiberglass itches... Bag it... I did mine one step at a time and made sure to dry fit cap wires... Solder can stay in connections, and solder tape suckes it right out.. For easy reinstall of new caps... Be ready for burnt body parts no room to work.... Hot glue caps in after you fit them, hardest part... There is a detailed re do on web... Have fun worth the effort..
  4. Mark the speaker wires carefully both the wires and the speaker top bottom. because speaks have NO markings on then... I etched my speakers with a tool... Check on mid seal on air tight cabinet mine the putty dried out.. I hot glued the wires in place, and to seal.... Do not trust the speaker specs at human mine did not match any printed there... Polarity is important... Its fun to get them cranking again.... They were meant for surround sound... Enjoy......
  5. I have seen rebuilds going for close to 300.... It seems peoples are looking for them.. Sorry hard drive crashed and lost all my bookmarks. And if you search you wil find someone with excellant rebuild, and pics..
  6. Used dayton poly caps paired to exact orig specs... openned up the sound... use to anchor 5.1 system.. they really kick in the base... not like those 2 inch plastic speakers...
  7. Need new caps too they are cheap.. Foam is cheap too....
  8. I rebuilt my 320's and the human site did not match my crossovers at all. I suggest numerous pics to be able to redo caps like I did.. Esr meter to match caps values and specs... Nice solder gun, lots of how to solder i=on interweb.. A hot glue gun which you will use a lot.. Ebay has parts like tweeters if you blew yours.. Mine still crank away on my 7.1 system... use a paradigm center..
  9. Same place i got mine back then.... On line sites have speaker foam for those speakers all over the place. Fairly easy to do.Since they are round google speaker lots of choices. i just replaced the capacitors, in a surround system great base from the front.... I still use mine.... Sometimes my sub unattaches from the hdmi cable connection. it takes a while to figure it out because the base from them fills the room.. My caps were ancient, easy to replace with poly caps. esr meter needed to match caps to original sizes.. Opened up the sound... Also i had blown tweeters that ebay had on line ex
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