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  1. Hi - I am also in southern NH and looking for advice on listing a pair of AR-1 that were kept in the same spot untill I brought them here a few years ago.   We plugged them in this evening and they seem just fine. I also have various capacitors tubes etc which may be relevant to the speakers.  Sadly I don't really understand these pages and how it all works (what is the submit status on this form?) - but I can tell that if I list them with your group's pages they will be sold to a "good home" (hopefully without requiring me to attempt to ship them). Thanks - cjr

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    2. cjr
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      Hi Cathy,

      This sure is an intriguing story. I get it now and I am sorry for missing the "r", brought not bought.

      Cathy, what is your hope for this please? The AR-1 is an interesting item in that it was produced in the blossoming of home stereo (actually mono back then) advances, and in fact is not necessarily considered a great speaker, more about it's collectability! In my opinion doesn't get enough respect. Fabulous bass can be had if driver is all there.

      Why do you want to get rid of them as it were? Sounds like the history would warrant you  If you are more interested in finding them a good home vs. trying to reap the most money it would change the approach.

      I recognize you are having trouble with pictures, would email as opposed to csp be more familiar and simpler? If so you can send me an email at courises@gmail.com .


    4. cjr


      yes - thanks - that could work more easily - cjr

  2. If it is relevant, I have a few dozen old capacitors and many vacuum tubes - both my dad and uncle did electronics in college and the service, and both loved music and played the organ so i now have a variety of old audio equipment etc that I am trying to sort - but i have no electronics background - if you could advise what specification you need (the mvd and vdc perhaps) I could look through the box - most are cylindrical - many appear to have never been used (kept at farm house for decades) - there are many zenith (for example,15 MFD 475 VDC (part 240023)), sprague, philco, mallory, and some odd square ones (GE Pyranol CG - 483319) and cardboard ones(cancom?) - cjr
  3. If these are of interest I can scan each page (hopefully in a format that does not cut off the images when uploading). CJR
  4. Perhaps this might also be helpful? (I presume it is ok to add a scan of AR-1 spec page). Hopefully I have attached scan.
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