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  1. Tyler

    ADVENT 6003

    Ok, I'll keep enjoying them the way they are, thanks.
  2. Tyler

    ADVENT 6003

    I have a pair of advent 6003's that sound so good as they are I'm hesitant to tamper with the crossovers. Could not doing anything to upgrade them be harmful to the teeeter or midrange speaker?
  3. I posted an image of the crossover from my ar4x, Is that block under the coil of wire a factory capacitor? If so It's a lot different from my other speaker which has a silver can type which I recently replaced. My other question is, should I replace it? Ty
  4. Tyler


    "I'm not afraid to die, I just don't want to be there when it happens"
  5. Tyler


    I just recently restored an ar4x with a new surround and capacitor. It sounds good at medium volume but it starts distorting prematurely when I put more power to it. I don't know how to describe it except to say some fluttering and some pops from the low end, the tweeter sounds fine. It was already suggested that perhaps the voice coil could have some issues. This speaker was non working when I got it, so I don't know what issues it had prior. Any thoughts. -Ty
  6. I'll look into doing that in the event the voice coil had been damaged prior to me acquiring them.
  7. Do you plan on upgrading any of the crossover components on the 6003's?
  8. Ok, I got the speaker put back together with the recommended surround and the replacement capacitor. (I only did the one speaker that needed fixing) I was unaware it was gong too sound awful for the first few minutes while things settled in then it smoothed out and I was pleased with the way it sounded. Then I hooked up the unmodified Speaker so they were both playing and the one that got worked on had a more pleasing sound at moderate volumes. Although when I increased the volume so they were playing loud but not unreasonably so, the driver began to distort! Any ideas why this might be happening?
  9. Ok, thanks again Carl, I appreciate all the info.
  10. These were a thrift store find. One speaker (366940) is intact with it's cloth surround, the other (37400) the surround was completely removed. You all have got me thinking, would it be better to replace the speaker that's missing the surround with one that is intact from an auction site vs. replacing the one or both to maintain balance?
  11. Where could I get a set of those surrounds?
  12. I need to replace the surrounds on a pair of AR4X speakers. I would appreciate any recommendations to help insure I get the right components.
  13. Tyler

    Snell Type K woofers

    9 years later... maybe someone else will benefit from this. My Snell K/II have woofers made in Denmark, they are 8" Peerless 4 ohm speakers. The Cat# 831876.
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