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  1. average volume, not too loud but sometimes half way up for parties (jazz, reggae with lots of bass, soul)...
  2. Thanks for this. The other Marantz I'm looking at is: The Model 2015 is a full 30 Watts continuous power into 8 Ω speakers, from 40 Hz to 20 kHz, with THD and Intermodulation less than 0,9%. IS 30 W continuous power mean 15 watts per channel? IF so, this would not be good to power the ARxs with correct?
  3. Hi all. I have AR2x speakers. Will a Marantz receiver with only 15 WPC take away anything from the sound quality of my Ar2Xs? Currently I have a Sherwood with 40 WPC, and they sound good, but I like the small size of the Marantz and may buy it. Thanks! Sean
  4. can you tell me again, where is page 4? i missed the pdf if you sent one. PS- will 15 watts per channel drove these Ar2s? Im looking at a cool little MArantz receiver.
  5. I have those brass "a"s but leave them off. I like the clean look
  6. I don't know what tweeters i have because i have never removed the covers. I imagine I need a hook or something to remove and break glue seal. Ill youtube to see if there is anything. Thanks!
  7. Thank you all for the replies. Attached are photos. They are AR2x speakers. I don't want to sell them as they are pristine and love the look. Any help on the back is appreciated- se pics; (how to adjust, the kids and highs, the 1 2 and T connectors, etc). Ill look to clean and replace pots as you suggest.
  8. Hi all. I have a pair of AR 2 speakers that are in great shape but don't sound amazing. They are from about 1966. I turn the Mid and High dials on the back of the speakers but it makes no difference. I love th look of them - I just wish I could get them to sound better (No highs). I imagine that they need some TLC but I don't what to invest a lot of $ into them. Any ideas? Sean
  9. I thought I would reach out to this great community before I place these on the dreaded ebay. I have these that I don't need. wondering what's a fair price to an owner of AR's looking to complete the package.
  10. I know this is an AR forum, but quickly, does anyone know anything about the Scott 348 Receivers from 1965? Decent? Will it drive AR 2s? I love the wood, and it looks great next to AR speakers.
  11. the "a" wasn't on them when i picked them up. Ills. Ill remove grill and send you pics. I can send pics of the backs for serial# too right? Thanks! Sean
  12. Oh, I forget to ask. How do I remove the cover on the 2ax speakers?
  13. OK so I bought them! Thanks for all your input. The backs of the speakers say 2ax. See the photo of one next to my 4x. I also got the Scott receiver and the Dual 1009, all for $200. Bought the gentleman a beer too. The receiver needs work as does the TT. The TT has a glass dust cover. I'm just stoked to have such fine gear for a great price. I played the 2ax speakers and wow.... much more presence than the 4x. Bigger, warmer, more punch and it feels like more separation. Love the look of the system. Thanks again for the help
  14. Wow, Thanks for the input! the speakers are actually 2Ax. IS that good? Receiver is in backwards? Il look. Going to buy in a few hours on your advice.
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