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  1. There is a pair of Model Fives for sale in N Augusta, SC. Look to be in very nice original shape. facebook marketplace. Feb 11, 2021 https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/900310890704066/?ref=search&referral_code=undefined
  2. Be patient, they come up every now and then and they are worth the wait. I've had mine for about 10 years and they are my favorite speaker for 2 channel listening. Classic styling, built like tanks and a very mellow sound but with very full bass.
  3. Looking for a single ADS L 520 if anyone has one. Slim chance but worth a shot! thx Tom
  4. Looking for a single orphan KLH Model Six speaker. thx
  5. If you still have these, I'll make the trip. I'm in Columbia, SC thx Tom
  6. JayRd7 I would recommend removing the staples in the old fabric. You'll need the room and it may affect the "thickness"" of the grill when you go over the top of all those staples and fabric. Be careful with the underlying black fabric, you'll want to reuse it. It may be very fragile, I have torn some in the past along the edges. I've done several pair of Seventeens and Sixes with JKent' suggested Charles Craft Irish Linen from Michaels and it is a very nice fabric and very inexpensive. I ended up using a hot glue gun because I could not find any staples short enough to not go through
  7. Hey guys, thanks for the info and responses. I did sell these to a local guy who wanted to experiment with different drivers he has collected and he was looking for that size cabinet...so I don't know but I doubt they would have suited well in the long run. Thanks again Tom
  8. tomknow

    EPi 100 woofers?

    SteveW: Are the foam surrounds intact? I would search for an original EPI 8" woofer from those Model 100's and either re-foam it if needed or buy one that has been refoamed. They show up on ebay all the time for reasonable prices. Those woofers were matched well w/ the inverted dome tweet for a very nice sound.
  9. Hi I acquired a pair of EPI 100V w/ EPI Gold Ring Tweeters with these 8" Cambridge Soundworks Woofers. No apparent crossover mods have occurred. Round magnet woofers are stamped Cambridge Soundworks and dated April 5, 1995. No part number or serial numbers. I've always thought the 8" square magnet (EPI/Genesis/Epicure) were OK to interchange but my question is ...are these CS woofers suitable for this speaker and crossover to work as the speaker was designed? any help is much appreciated.
  10. tomknow

    ADS L520

    Thanks again. I will try to post some photos tonight and play around with your suggestions really appreciate all the help on this site.
  11. tomknow

    ADS L520

    Thanks Glitch. I think either would work? I did test the " bad" one and tested direct from my receiver and no sound. I did not disconnect it from the crossover because it's soldered and I don't know how to solder. When I touched the speaker wire for my receiver to the Woffor clips no sound but the Tweeter worked fine through it that way. So I think I'll switch woofers and see if it works that way just to eliminate a crossover problem. Does that make sense?
  12. tomknow

    ADS L520

    BTW- this record collection I picked up while buying his speakers...OMG over 300 LP's 60's, 70's rock. My wife is NONE too happy
  13. tomknow

    ADS L520

    Well...one dead woofer. The other speaker sounds excellent. Now I need to find a replacement woof. There are no part numbers on the driver. There are a couple of drivers on eeebay, both listed for the L520 but they have different part numbers. 206-0326 and 206-0323. ?
  14. tomknow

    ADS L520

    And they do have rubber surrounds. The best part...the gentleman was getting rid of his vinyl collection and I bought over 100 albums! Some real classics...
  15. tomknow

    ADS L520

    I have found out more...they are indeed an earlier model. I did aquire them this afternoon. Other than the cabinets, they appear to be in very good shape and at first listen, I think I'm going to love these. They are vinyl covered and have fabric grills. Drivers look very good. Thank you all for the advice, VERY much appreciated.
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