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  1. Impressive work! How do you like the sound?
  2. It's nice to hear from someone who shares an experience very similar to my own. I brought my Model 7s to a meet on Saturday. Some folks were familiar with the Genesis Physics story and enjoyed the memories. Those who had never heard of GP were impressed with the sound from these little giants.
  3. I bought a pair of Genesis Physics Model 7 bookshelf speakers back in 1990 or 1991. My large Cerwin Vega's had just blown and I was angry because I had no money to replace them. I think I paid $125, at the most. I didn't know how good they were; but I still have them and they still sound wonderful. Magical tweeters! $7 a pair is a real stroke of luck! You can get some history (and parts) here: http://www.humanspeakers.com/genesis/genstory.htm
  4. I'm sure you've been here: http://www.humanspeakers.com/genesis/index.htm
  5. This is a newbie question. What crossover design does the T-830 have? LR4? the reason I ask is that I originally had them connected to a Nakamichi Harmonic Time Alignment receiver and they sounded awesome in a room with poor geometry, speakers on either side of very wide windows, couch too close to speakers. I've yet to find bookshelf speakers that can match the T-830s for a decent sized listening area and good spacing in this tough room. Wifey has banished towers in the FR, so I set up a better system in the basement. But I would like to improve things in the FR.
  6. Where are you getting your woofers from, John?
  7. Thanks, Steve. Reassuring to know you are still there for us with great first hand testimony. The 1030s have been re-foamed. The VR 40s need to have the rubber surrounds replaced on the lower woofers. Pictures show almost the exact same damage on R & L of matched units and some damage to the screens, so it was probably a storage issue. Now I have to decide....
  8. New topic: T-1030 vs. VR 40
  9. Well, it is NOT academic any longer. The T-1030's are relisted and the VR 40's have been converted to auction. I'd really like to hear some input. Steve? Gerry? Anyone?
  10. Are there any enthusiasts who have heard both these highly reputed models? Recently both were available on eBay for $500. The VR 40s needed re-foaming, the T-1030s had already been done. I understand the newer speakers had better cabinet bracing; but they are bass reflex. I love the sound of my acoustic T-830s. Newer driver designs on the VRs also. I was wondering how it all balances out; although the T-1030s have already sold, so it's academic.
  11. How Freaking loud do you need it?!?! If you are driving 2 T1030s with up to 100W and you have them between 2 and 3 meters apart and are listening about the same distance back your ears should hurt before you get any distortion, I would think. If you need more volume, I would think the subwoofer route would produce the best results. If the Denon AVR 810 has bass management, it would relieve the QSC of the bass power requirement and allow more power for the mid and treble. Your real problem could be the Denon and or QSC. It might be best so spend your money an a reasonable integrated amp or Receiver (Outlaw RR2150, $700. Yamaha A S891, $900) first. The Outlaw has provisions for adding and managing a powered subwoofer. These are 2 channel (or 2.1) solutions. I'm not a multichannel user.
  12. I'd like some information on the T 830, too. Either it came with very little way back when I bought mine or I lost the documents. Is the CFT3 tweeter one of the Kortec variety?
  13. Glad to see someone else is out there. We are a dying breed. There are still some Model 22s and 2+s available on eBay. I passed on a pair of Model 44s I would have loved; buy my wife thinks I have too many speakers as it is. Some folks get secret apartments for their lovers. I may get one for more stereo stuff.
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