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    ADS L500 opinions

    I've owned my L500's for roughly six years and I think they are exceptional for a smaller two-way speaker. The L500 shares the same 206-0100 tweeter as higher end ADS models and I suspect that it's 8" woofer (206-0316) may be a 4 ohm version of the 206-0317 8 ohm woofer used in the L810. The bass may not be floor shaking but it is solid to around 45 Hz and very clean. Add a decent powered sub and you may be surprised at how good the result can be. Despite being rated at 4 ohms, I find them relatively easy to drive. In fact, I'm currently running my pair from a little Sherwood S-7100 receiver. Although ADS is fairly scarce in my area, I was fortunate enough to find a pair of ADS 810's which have greater bass extension and are more detailed through the midrange region. As far as where the fit into the ADS lineup at the time, I believe it went something like this: L910 L810 L710 L700 L500 L400 (Note: I'm not sure if the L910 was introduced before or after the the L500 was replaced by the the L520). I don't know much about the L1's but they seem to be a fairly scarce model . They appear to use the same tweeter as the L470/570 (206-0116) and the same woofer as the L520 (206-0323). These are rated at 6 ohms nominal with a 100W maximum power rating and like most ADS speakers, I would expect them to be fine performers. Here are some brochures and a test report that may be of interest. http://sportsbil.com/ads/l-500_fm_guide_11-1975.pdf http://sportsbil.com/ads/ads-500-brochure.pdf http://sportsbil.com/ads/braun_l-500a_l-700a-brochure.pdf Les.
  2. FYI ... When it comes to refoaming Allison woofers, the filled fillet type surround is generally recommended. Les.
  3. You should be able to front wire this type of tweeter as well, no? I've seen a few photos where the exposed terminals on the front of the tweeter are covered over with something that looks like glue and that would be a problem. But most that I've seen are like following photo which you should be able to solder wires to in the same way as in my photo. That said, we don't know which style tweeter the OP currently has. If his Fours aren't first gen with the exposed brass terminals, then any of the newer style tweeters should drop right in. Les.
  4. Hello Bill, In my case where I used a newer tweeter in an early cabinet, I opted to flatten the speaker terminals and extend wires from the front of the tweeter to the brass terminals. This can be see in the second photo posted above. Les.
  5. I should also mention that the two-way tweeter is identified by a dot on the front surface of the flange. No dot on the three-way tweeter. Early two-way tweeter: Later two-way tweeter:
  6. Physically, the tweeters may be identical but my understanding is that the two-way tweeter uses ferrofluid allowing it to operate down to 2000 Hz. Thus the reason why you can use the two-way tweeter in a three-way system but not the other way around as was mentioned in a previous post. BTW, there was an effort on the Yahoo Allison group to have new tweeters manufactured but I don't know if that ever materialized. It would be best to check there for a status update. Two-way tweeters do turn up on ebay occasionally but it takes some patience. The earlier style tweeter with the metal flange and wires that connect to front mounted spring terminals are less common unfortunately. But the OP hasn't identified which type he has in his model Fours. However, the later style tweeter can still be adapted for use in an earlier model Four. That's what I ended up doing with with a later style two-way tweeter that picked up on ebay not too long ago. Another possibility would be to try the SB Acoustics SB26STAC-C000-4 which was tested and found to be a suitable replacement for the Allison AL-120 two-way tweeter. But, the OP would have to do some homework to make sure that it would fit in the model Four tweeter cut out. I'm not aware of anyone trying this tweeter in a model Four so there is no guarantee of success. The specs look good and it may be suitable if there are no physical installation issues. https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/sb-acoustics-soft-dome-tweeters/sb-acoustics-sb26stac-c000-4-1-textile-dome-tweeter/ Les.
  7. As mentioned on AK, the two-way and three-way system tweeters are different. See below. Les
  8. Hello Bill & David, The seller has been posting over on AK and the following suggests that they may not be relisted. http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/allison-ic-10.801482/#post-11136941 Les
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