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  1. And when they sell them these days they typically are asking more then $150 for them, especially in the shape of the OP. I'm not saying that miracles don't happen, but generally people look at Ebay, etc., and look for top dollar.
  2. Interesting. Must've just got listed. Thanks.
  3. That's what I'm referring to. I'd buy a working pair for that amount for my 2's. They sound good as is, but it would be fun to try to squeeze a little more high end out of them.
  4. I wouldn't mind finding a pair of those for $100.
  5. Yes the gold thread is in there. A little easier to see here
  6. You certainly can ask your question here. Many of us own AR tables. You can also go here http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?forums/turntables.28/ Lots of knowledgeable folks, and at least one, Marc Morin, who is a true blue expert when it comes to AR turntables.
  7. Well of course the Cornwalls are more efficient, and larger, so they play louder, and are more dynamic. But the mids of the 2's are much better then I expected, and they have a wonderful, warm sound but not veiled or congested as I was expecting. They've opened up nicely since I started listening several hours ago. After speaking with the seller tonight, I learned that he had never used the 2's since acquiring them years ago, and was told that they had sat idle for decades.
  8. Got them locally. They've been sitting basically idle for the last 5 years, and one of them seemed to need a bit of power to wake up and come to life. But now they're both singing and sounding quite wonderful. Much better high end then I expected. Have them on top of Kliipsch Cornwalls, and driving them with a Fisher 500C.
  9. Congratulations. I've been in California for 25 years, and finding AR speakers for $3 a pair in the age of Ebay/CL and forums is either crazy luck, or you have a friend in the business, as the commercial goes. Not that I doubt what you're saying, but those kinds of finds nowadays in this area of the country just do not happen to regular joes scouring flea markets and thrift stores. And I've done more of that then you can imagine in my time. I didn't say paying $400 was a screaming deal. I said paying $150 for a pair that have been restored is, which is what is in the original post. Again, at least around these parts. And I have no problem buying restored, prefer it even, as long as the work has been done well, and the speakers look and sound as I want them to.
  10. Ugh I got excited. Thought that they were in Albany CALIFORNIA!!. Oh well, hope somebody in the cold state capital can take advantage.
  11. samberger0357

    KLH 6 ???

    Probably the most important thing to check out is if they're the older one's that are completely sealed(including grilles) and therefore very difficult to open up from the front and back if you need/want to change out capacitors or other parts. If they're the later editions the grilles are easily removed for access to the drivers and you can get into the cabinet through the speaker connector area.
  12. samberger0357

    KLH 6 ???

    Yup, everything is available. Not new ones, of course, since it's a 50+ year old speaker. But used one's are. Do you own a pair?
  13. samberger0357

    KLH 6 ???

    Very special. If you do the minimum amount of research both here and online, you'll will see why.
  14. May I say that I have sincerely enjoyed reading through all the posts of this thread, and I'm positive others will find it extremely helpful down the road as they attempt to do what has been done in this thread, finding and repairing a classic pair of AR speakers. I have far less technical experience then most(perhaps all) participating in this thread, and yet have found it helpful in considering certain repairs that I may attempt to my beloved 2ax's down the road. The CSP is truly a forum of folks who are passionate, highly intelligent and highly articulate in their knowledge of audio, and to be able to have a 6 page thread to bring forth that knowledge is indeed valuable, and very enlightening. I would hope that the thread not be closed, but rather kept open, and that Michael, you continue down the challenging road towards completion of your original goal to getting the speakers not only up and running, but back as close to their original glory as you can. I think I can say that we are all behind you, have complete confidence in your skills and ability, and are looking forward to the day, no matter how long it takes, until you complete the journey. I know I'll be rooting for you, and feel certain most, if not all reading this thread, will be also. In the meantime, continued good luck to you, and thanks to all who continue to help him and continue to make the CSP a fun, and educational place to hang out. -sam
  15. samberger0357

    speaker pic

    Don't know that particular Klipsch model, but looking at it's specs it's certainly efficient enough. The A25 is an excellent speaker and should do fine with the ST70. Other vintage speakers would be KLH Model Six and Model Five, AR 2ax or 4, Klipsch Forte or Cornwall. There are many others, but these are some of my favorites. Depends of course on your budget, room size, and what music you listen to and how you like to listen.
  16. FWIW the 3's and 3a's sounded great also with lower power tube amps too, but yes, ultimately they do better with lots of watts. There. Happy? 'Tis the holiday season, after all.
  17. I've had 3's and 3a's, which I loved, but for various reason sold both. I'd still love to own a pair of 3's in the future, but for now I own a pair of early 2ax's with the cloth surround, and find them to be very close to their big brothers, sonically, at least IN MY SYSTEM. A lot of bass and more then enough high end for my needs, and they sound great with lower powered vintage tube gear, something obviously the 3/3a's had more difficulty with. For that reason alone, I would probably choose them over the 3's/3'a's. Presently have them teamed up with both a Fisher X100-B(24 watts) and Fisher 500C(35 watts) and they sound amazing with both. So great, in fact, that I have difficulty rotating them out to use my Klipsch Cornwalls. And so great, that while I would love to own a pair of 3's/3a's again at some point, I'm not sure how they would replace the 2ax's. And of course, they have the great AR classic good looks. The 2ax's will be with me forever.
  18. Is there a reason that you don't stack your 3a's tweeter to tweeter? I always heard that was the best way to do it.
  19. Don't know where you're at, but I'm guessing $100-$150 if in good cosmetic and working shape. Check Ebay completed listings for a baseline.
  20. You could try stacking horizontally on taller stands which might prove sturdier. But yes the higher off the floor and away from walls will keep the bass response down. Obviously you can also play around with the tone controls, make sure loudness is off.
  21. What happens when you try just 2 A25's? Could be that the combination of the 4 speakers plus your gear just doesn't have the synergy to produce results that are pleasing to you. See you if get boom with just the 2 speakers and then go from there. From looking at the picture of your space(nice space, btw) looks like speakers are against wall, in corners. Can you move them out from the wall and corners in to the room some? Try a little at a time until your hopefully able to limit the bass response.
  22. If I had to guess, I would bet that if there's any room for improvement on bottom end, it's going to come from a change in your preamp. A tube phono is fine, but that still has to go through a a/v receiver. It's the weak link when it comes to audio, imo. Perhaps look into a vintage tube pre(Dynaco PAS?), or even a modern one. I've used a Decware CSP2 for many years(that model has been updated to a CSP3 from the company so the 2's can be found used) or something of that ilk which won't cost a lot but give you more overall fullness. I think that's what your missing. As has been pointed out, the preamp is going to have a much bigger impact on the overall presentation then the amp, assuming the amp is neutral, which it should be. The Adcom is that pretty much, perhaps erring on the side of warmth.
  23. On the new Crowns(haven't heard the QSC's) fan noise is pretty much non existent. You really have to push them for the fans to turn on at all. That said, I doubt you'll hear more bass by switching out the Adcom for the Crown/QSC, particularly at lower levels. The 5400 is a very good amp. I would play around with speaker placement first(closer to the walls, lower to the ground, etc, before going up in power.
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