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  1. Well whatever was causing my one AR2 to be quieter then the other is now fixed. I had the speakers out of circulation for about 2 months, and decided to put them back in over the weekend, contemplating opening the bad one up and seeing if I could get it going. Upon hooking them up(with the Microstats) the speaker in question produced perfect sound, loud and clear, and now provides equal output to the other. I'm curious as to why this happened. I'm guessing it might be the caps reforming, as the speakers had been laying idle(according to the previous owner) for many years. I've also played around with the pot, and maybe some of the corrosives fixed themselves? Whatever it is, I'm glad it's operating as it should because they sound great, and the Microstats really do a nice job of bringing out the highs and adding sufficient amount of air to the presentation. I'm enjoying them more then my 2ax's at this point . Glad I didn't have to mess up the beautiful grille by opening it up. Hope it never comes to that.
  2. Very early in the run, probably 3 years in. If they sound good, don't worry about getting inside of them, which is a hideous job with the sealed variety that you have. Most likely have oil filled caps, and those are good until they aren't. So..enjoy! Great speakers. I have 2 pairs, all serials below 20K.
  3. I don't know about David's amp, but most tube amps do not require regular biasing. Every few months, if that, and/or when changing output tubes. There are plenty of amps out there that are also self biasing, so no manual biasing needed. Despite the constant and inaccurate preaching of a certain individual that one can only truly be doing it right if they spend a lot of money and time on it, the fact is that excellent vinyl playback can be achieved with relatively inexpensive turntables and cartridges that are properly, but not obsessively, set up, and clean vinyl. Like anything you can jump down the rabbit hole and be as OCD as you want, but to stay away from a medium simply because some like to ramble on about money/obsession as the the guiding principles is unfortunate. I've been an active audio participant for over 45 years, including years spent in the music business, and have had very expensive, and not so expensive rigs, and I get much more enjoyment out of latter then I ever did out of the former. I have no desire to spend huge dollars and huge time getting everything just right to hear the most minute details of the music. That is not what, or ever has been, what music listening and enjoyment has been about for me. And I've known, and know, many professional musicians, and they feel exactly the same way. And these are people that have the money and the knowledge to get anything they want.
  4. Been looking for a pair of KLH Model Five's for awhile and finally found some locally. These have been restored internally and they sound great. They need a little more help externally, but some orange oil and Howard's Feed and Wax spruced them up so that they're reasonably presentable. I'm using a pair of Micro Acoustic Microstatic tweeter arrays that I recently obtained to use primarily with a pair of AR2's, and they add a litte extra top end sparkle. Driving them with a Fisher 500C, and Sherwood S8900a that I'm rotating between.
  5. At the prices they are currently going for?
  6. 3's are huge in Asia. Had a similar scenario as valkyrie's a few months back with a pair of 3's that I moved. They needed work that I didn't have time for so I put a $800 price on them. An hour after I had them on CL got an email from what turned out to be a Vietnamese fellow. When he came over he looked at them briefly, tried to talk me down(which I wouldn't do) and then took out 8 crisp, new $100 bills and that was that. Speaking to folks that I know that deal a lot with the Asian market vintage audio is bigger then ever over there. People are flush and all things vintage American is in high demand. Don't know if this is a bubble, but it certainly helps explain the prices being asked for some of this gear.
  7. You like playing who's got more stuff don't you? You love being critical of others who are enjoying their gear, in their own way. Speaks volumes. You're the only one I've encountered on this otherwise very civil forum that goes on endlessly about how much more you have and how much more you know then everyone else. The narcissism you display is comparable to a certain public individual known to all.
  8. Picked up a JansZen Electrostatic Model 65 tweeter today for cheap. It's had some restoration work done. It should come in around the same time as the the Microstats. Evidently that one is best used with the speaker tweeter disconnected. I'll report back.
  9. Thanks. I actually found those last night after I posted, but decided to get some feedback from members here to see if anybody had done differently. One of my 2's mid/tweets are a little quieter then the other speaker , which is why I got these. And I thought I might use them like AR 1W's and just use the external tweeters. But I'll try both ways.
  10. So I just bought a pair of Microacoustic microstatic tweeters to use with the 2's. Should I be disconnecting the tweeter connections on the speakers and just using the external tweeters, or do I use them in conjunction with the speaker mid/tweeters?
  11. Not far from me. A little too much for me to pull together unfortunately. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/ele/d/vintage-acoustic-research-ar/6481641067.html
  12. The one on the right, because it has the "a" in the corner, is probably an earlier version of the ax. What are the serial numbers? The 2a had dual midrange drivers, the ax just a single midrange and tweeter. Here's a good thread on the history of the various "2" variations: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?/topic/5003-ar-2a-vs-ar-2ax-also-ar-2-series-history/
  13. Welcome and congratulations on your purchase, Thorne! Not so coincidentally, I'm using the very same 500C/2ax combo at the moment, and it sounds fantastic! You're in for a real treat. You've come to the right place for any help/encouragement that you may be looking for. Good luck in getting everything up to speed.
  14. I don't think they make a SAS anymore. The elliptical is fine. In fact, my understanding(I haven't heard it) is that Jico's N91E for $33 is as good as the $56 option. I believe the only difference is that the ED is nude. Shouldn't make any audio difference.
  15. There is no problem with Grado's on AR's, as long as the table is properly grounded. Over at Audiokarma, the foremost expert/engineer on AR restorations is Marc Morin, and Grado carts, especially with an 8MZ or 8MR stylus are highly recommended by him. I use one on my AR TX(early, 2 motor version of the XA) without any issues. They do need to be loaded down some to sound best. Well worth heading over there for additional input by him and others if you have not already done so(not to say the folks here, many of whom post over there as well, aren't equally as qualified). That said, I also use an M91ED with both an original stylus and Jico SAS. Both sound great, the Jico's are pretty much spot on replica's of the original. Can't go wrong. I don't like the 97XE. Found it bland.
  16. Maybe I'm missing something, but aren't these questions that Bill could answer on the phone or via email?
  17. Looking great! Congratulations on a fantastic job.
  18. Ok you guys are right, I'm wrong. I'm going out right now to find all those $5 AR's that the masses have brought with them from all over the country and now they just want to dump. I didn't know. Thanks for setting me straight.
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