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  1. It's heavy, heavier still with the case. Moving this stuff around, speakers and amps, is my version of weight lifting. Wonderful sounding piece, jives quite nicely with the 3a's. I would say I'm set for the time being.
  2. At the end of the day it's about how the music sounds to YOU. I have no doubt the 400(one of the most musical amps of the Golden Age) sounds wonderful with the 11's in your room with your music, with the kind of music you listen to and the settings you listen at. And that is really all that matters. I was listening to my 500C this weekend with my 3a's. a combo I've been told by more then a few folks is just not right, and was seduced by the MUSIC coming from the speakers. I stay away from a lot of music that needs a lot volume anyway, big symphonic pieces and metal,, etc. These days, my listening is much like yours. Mostly acoustical jazz, folk, chamber music, etc. All music that sounds good without a lot of watts, a lot of current, and doesn't need all of the bottom end that the 3a's can produce. I also have a McIntosh MC2105 that puts out over 100 watts, and a few other similar power amps when I do want to listen to stuff that calls for more bottom. But the joy of a good tube amp through the high quality craftsmanship of these wonderful AR speakers is really something to behold. Enjoy the music.
  3. Welcome! So you're the guy that's been hoarding all the 3's that I've been looking for, huh?? There will be others who can more definitivly answer your question, but I'm guessing that if you bought these in the Boston area, there's good reason to suspect that you're correct. Or not. In any event, when you get the chance put up some more pictures of them. Always like to see pictures of 3's when I can.
  4. Love it, but put those grilles back on. Not only do they look much better, but I believe the grilles play into the sonic signature of the speakers.
  5. Welcome, and wow!!! Amazing job restoring those gorgeous 3's. I'm drooling with envy! They look terrific, and you even have the perfect spot for them. Congratulations!!
  6. Got a good deal locally and picked this up today. 200K ohm impedance. Problem solved.
  7. You could be right. FWIW McIntosh has informed me that output impedance for the C24 amp is 250 ohm, which makes it perfect for driving the HK22. So for the time being at least I'm going to sit tight. It sounds great with the 3a's.
  8. Thanks ar... Yes I have been looking for the Mac's you refer to. In fact there's one not far from me with an ask of $1100 that I might make an offer on. But paying that much(or maybe a little less) for an amp that has the same power as the HK, and is not restored, does not bring me confidence that ultimately it would be worth it, or at least that I would find it that much better sonically. After giving it some thought after posting I think I'm going to leave the HK in there. The C24 would have to have an impedance of >1000 ohm to get to the 20-1 ratio that is considered reasonanble for amp/pre matches. And given the printed impedance info of similar era Mac pre's I'm assuming it's lower. That it could be in the 100-200 ohm range that similar era Mac pre's were state at would make the HK a perfect amp for it. As I listen more to it, the bloat that I referred to really only happens on certain music. I was listenening to some of the new Dead Pacific Northwest box today and Phil's bass was huge on these speakers, but other music is much more in line with what I would expect from the 3a's.
  9. I presently have 2 amps that I can use with my restored 3a's: A Harman Kardon Citation 22, which is 200 watts@4 ohms, and has a high currrent mode, and a Nikko Alpha 230, which is 130 watts@ 4ohm, and is current limited. Both amps are fully restored. My dilemma is that the preamp I'm using is a restored McIntosh C24. While it's output impedance is not to be found anywhere, according to literature one should use amps that show a minimum of 47-50K ohms with it. On another forum a graph was produced using the C24's schematic which indicated that McIntosh's recommendation was correct. The HK is 22K, and the Nikko is 50K. The HK produces more bass, almost to the point of bloat on some recordings, where it would seem the loudness setting is being used even if it's not. That said, it sounds very good overall. The Nikko produces less pronounced bass, and is a little drier, so it sounds more "accurate". So I'm looking for some guidance/thoughs as to the amp that folks here would suggest using. It would be nice to find a high current amp with a higher load, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards at the moment.
  10. Thank you Tom for such an insightful and interesting history lesson! The OP's 3's are indeed some beautiful speakers, and even as an owner of a very nice pair or early 3a's I find myself drooling over them. Hope to find a similar pair for myself one day.
  11. 2ax's should work really well. I've used both a Fisher X-100-B(pretty much the integrated version of the 400) and Fisher 500C(a little more powerful, but negligible) with them and they sounded excellent with both of them. Big full sound, no issues with lack of bottom. FWIW, those amps also did well with the 3a like KLH Model Five's, although of course the Five's are 8 ohms vs. the 4 for the 3a.
  12. Welcome to the forum! Those are fantastic , 1st year(I'm guessing) examples of AR 3's. And yes, there are plenty of folks who will help you get them back into tip top shape. I'm going to guess that the caps, which are most likely the oil filled variety which typically don't stray much, and unless they are leaking are usually good forever, are not the culprit of your tweeter issues. Probably corroded pots which will at the very least need removal and cleaning. Again, others with more experience than I will be along shortly to give you advice on the best methods to do that. Again, congratulations on your find. Once back in shape they will be sure to bring you hours of great listening.
  13. Thanks. I'm probably going to pass as I have a pair of KLH Five's that I love, and shortly will acqure an early pair of 3a's. So the 11's are probably not in my future, although they are nice looking and I've heard good things about them. These are in the San Francisco Bay Area where everything is more expensive.
  14. $700 locally. Is that a good price? I'm more familiar with the earlier AR's. Here's a picture of the drivers on one of them. They sellers don't know if the surrounds have been redone. Can anybody take a guess from the picture? https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/ele/d/vintage-ar-11-speakers/6684554818.html
  15. I've used the Microstatic, and also have been fortunate enough to find a pair of JansZen 1-30 external tweeters, made to be used with primarily with early AR and KLH speakers. Here's a picture of both in action with my AR 2's.
  16. I'd be interested if you ever got around to updating these. My experience with my own 2's were that the caps were oil filled, which are unlikely to need changing out. Would be interested if that was what Heathkit used.
  17. After being a futzer for way too many years, I completely disagree with this statement. But if futzing is something that one enjoys then by all means do it to your heart's content.
  18. If you ever have the chance, try the 2ax's with some vintage tube gear. I'm running mine with a Fisher X-100-B integrated as I type this and the sound is silky smooth and extremely realistic. Toe tapping to be sure. Of all the AR speakers that I have heard, the 2ax's(and original 2's, too) seem to really thrive on quality tube power.
  19. Thanks. I am planning on doing just that. Seems the AR2 and KLH Model Six aren't all that different from each other, and came out roughly the same time frame, yet it seems that while the 2 is listed as one of the speakers the 130 was developed for, the Model Six is not mentioned. So wasn't sure if there was something that I was missing. Any idea what, if any,, differences there with the woofers of both speakers? I know they're both cloth surrounds.
  20. Anybody ever use the Six with this, or any other external tweeter? I ask because I am currently using the 130 tweeter arrays with a pair of AR2's, and it's a wonderful combination. But I have 2 pairs of very early Six's, and while they sound good(neither have been opened up but I'm guessing with serial numbers less then 18,000 that they have the oil caps) I'm wondering if they would offer me anything different then the 2's if I tried them with the Janszen's. Thoughts?
  21. Jealous. Growing up in Newton, spent a lot of time in the Berkshires. Lovely area, and lots of great music. Look forward to hearing about those AS 2’s.
  22. Got some JansZen 130's, combined them with Micro Acoustic's, and the whole combo is wonderful sounding. Stacking on top of some empty Wharfedale W70 cabs for proper height.
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