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  1. The Grado is nice cart. The best bang for the buck upgrade to it would be a 8MZ stylus which sells for $150. Terrific stylus, will place that cart where it will compete with any cart in the $500-$750 bracket, imo. And the 1019/Grado mix is a good one.
  2. Does it have either red or silver dots anywhere on the stylus plate(that will help to distinguish the specific version)? Like this:
  3. You're right. It doesn't. Excellent for one's sanity. What is the cart you own? Easy to upgrade the stylus on many of the less expensive Grado carts to bring it to a much higher level.
  4. Yup I'm finally coming around more power is good with the 3's. Particularly for listening at lower levels. That was the last thing I considered. But If I can ever get the dough together I'd love try some higher power tube gear with the 3's. I used to own a pair of Heathkit W-7's, rated at 55 wpc that I bet would've sounded very nice with them. But they're gone. Since I don't plan on ever getting rid of the 3's, hopefully I'll have the opportunity down the road. I'm using a Yamaha C-4 pre with the Crown, but I have a couple of tube pre's that maybe I'll sneak in. Truthfully, I've never heard much, if any, difference in using tube pre's with ss amps. The C-4 is great sounding, and has 2 phono's which is really helpful for a my 3 turntable set up.
  5. That Motown piece is a fun read. Thanks.
  6. My biggest concern having to run a big watt solid state amp was that I was going to lose the musicality that tubes give me. To some extent, that was true with both of my vintage amps(Yamaha M-4 and to a lesser extent Adcom GFA 5400). But leave it to the brand spanking new, cheap(in price and looks only) Crown to be very musical. Not the least bit harsh, it has been a wonderful match for the 3's. It plays like an early 70's Marantz or Sony receiver.
  7. Not really. I had the Heathkit's in yesterday, and they really do sound very nice with the 3's. Like I envision many pairs of the 3's were listened to back in the day. But I've since put the 1000 back in. Where the difference might be is actually at lower levels. I think the 1000 actually does that a little better than the tubes. Dynamics seem better, better low end. I'm speaking very low volumes, where there is no green on the power indication lights of the 1000. At those levels, the 3's sound very alive, and I truly don't feel I'm missing anything. The other thing that I really like about using ss is that I can leave it on all day, whereas with tubes I can't. So the system is always warm, always ready to go. It's good to hear that you have had success with lower power tubes, too. I plan to rotate my various tube amps every so often. I haven't tried my Fisher 500B yet with the 3's. That tends to be a little darker than the Heathkit's, so I'm not anticipating as good as match, but we'll see. But it's nice to have the various options. I will say that the 1000 has really surprised me. I'm so glad that I saw Tom's endorsement for Crown, and pro amps in general. it's an amazing little amp. I like it so much I'm even toying getting another one and running them as mono blocks. On the other hand, that might be over doing it a bit
  8. I'm not clear yet if there is a way to edit my post, but the title was meant to be "Another amp question for AR 3's". If a mod can change it that would be great.
  9. I have several "big" amps that I can use with the 3's. Yamaha M-4(170 watts @ 4ohms), Adcom GFA 5400(200 watts), Crown XLS 1000(325 watts). They all sound fine. But I really miss my tubes. I have restored Heathkit W-5M mono blocks(25 watts @ 8 ohms, don't know about 4, maybe the same?) and Fisher 500B and 400 receivers(between 25-30 watts at 8 ohms, again not sure about 4 ohms). When I put the 3's back in the system a few days ago, I had been using the W-5's with a restored pair of Wharfedale W60's. Splendid sound. I was excited to get the 3's back in after a period of one of them being in the shop, so I didn't change out amps and tried them with the 5's, and a Dynaco Super Pas pre. Well, I thought they sounded fine, and they got plenty loud in my relatively small space. I could get the Dynaco up to about 10 or 11 o'clock and by then it was loud enough for the wife to ask me to turn it down. My listening habits are basically at quite normal levels, mostly jazz, classical, some rock, and lots of old time, acoustic based music. So my question pertains to the recommendations that the 3's are really power hungry and need hundreds of watts to come to life. When I use one of my bigger amps, I can barely get the gain on my pre up a couple notches. They sound great these lower levels, but I'm obviously not using much of the amps capability. So If I used my "lower" power tube gear, what am I giving up? I'm guessing mostly dynamics. But given that my listening levels are so conservative, would there really be much of a difference in using the big amps over the smaller ones?
  10. One more. CD's that are in the house(mostly classical and jazz, plus some rare stuff), and books. There are a lot of those scattered about. The house is only about 1400 sq feet, so room is at a premium.
  11. Some pics of my space and some records as a way of introducing myself. Messy, but in a good way. That chair between the 3's is only temporary while we have a Xmas tree. It will be gone soon. A few cd's are seen as well, but the majority of them are kept in the garage. Too many for the house. Those white boxes stacked in the corner are my 78's. About 400.
  12. Thanks Kimmo. Nice to be here. While I can appreciate a well set up turntable, having had several high end tables over the last 15 years, I finally came to the conclusion a while back that for me, a simple table, preferably idler, with minimal adjustments provides the most satisfying results. I believe that companies like AR, Dual, Miracord, Garrard knew what they were doing when designing some of their simplest tables. I no longer have the desire to continue to try to zero in to what somebody else says is what I should be hearing when I listen to a certain record. I listen to, and own, a lot of older records, and those records sound great on my tables, with old carts(I have a particular endearment to the Stanton 500/Pickering V15 family, and the various styli that can be used with them) that don't require much in the way of endless adjustments. They simply produce beautiful, room filling music that always has me reaching for more. And they look great too. But I don't begrudge the enjoyment that others get from high end, high tech rigs. Whatever gets you to the goal of enjoying the music is ok with me.
  13. Love my AR 3's, love my vinyl(over 5000 lp's, hundreds of 45's and 78's, 4 working tables) but love any format as long as the music is good. Do a lot of streaming, and own over 1000 cd's. Was just listening to a cd that a famous 78 collector created for me from his collection. State of the art rips. Nothing else added. It sounds fantastic, and I wouldn't be able to hear this stuff if I didn't have it on his cd. So in the end it's not the format, but the music. And of course great hardware to listen to it on. Oh, and hello. Long time lurker and finally able to post. Happy New Year, friends.
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