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  1. I'd actually be a bit more concerned with cap values being as equal as possible, right and left. But even with that, I imagine being within 10% is probably fine.
  2. OK, the AS-103 project is now on again! I'm off to buy laquer thinner and we'll see how the cabs clean up. Then sanding time. Plan is to hand sand, figure there's less chance of overdoing it. But if I get tired of that I may go buy an inexpensive orbital sander....
  3. Don't know the show, but if that's a 'set,' then the speaker is a never-played prop, and it's positioned for visual effect, not for sound. A very few will recognize it and think it's cool. But unless they start making a fuss over it in their material, no effect on the ebay market at all. BTW, if that is someone's actual dwelling, the positioning is fine if you just use music for 'ambiance' around the place. The AR3-a is a bit wasted in such a role of course....
  4. For pics, start a reply, hit the 'more reply options' button at the bottom right. New editing window with more stuff will open. You'll find an 'attach files' section under the entry window. Browsr to pick a file off your PC, then click on 'attach this file', then click on 'Add to Post.' To escape cold snowy weather, do not move to Ohio this week. You'd have liked last week, though....
  5. That sounded like good enough advice that I just hung the woofers out of my AS-103s in a couple of Cerwin Vega cabinets I had sitting around. It will be a bit longer until I get around to refinishing the AS-103 cabinets....
  6. Given that preserving the fiber integrity in those old paper cones is in my opinion job 1, I don't approve of putting anything on them, unless there are sonic-harmful deposits to remove. And I shudder at the thought of Naval Jelly.
  7. Hi Glenn. Nice to see a familiar set of Dr Dres here.....
  8. Ah, that's a perfectly likely possibility, Pat. Thanks. We'll never know the truth of it unless the guy gets back to me. Didn't get his number or anything....
  9. or "Acoustic Reference." These are a genuine white van marque. Pictoral evidence exists. They have knobs.... Link to 'Acoustic Reference Speaker Fraud' page: http://globalaudio.20megsfree.com/
  10. Looked again, and AR 91s and 92s have switches, not knobs, and on the back in any case. Maybe what the guy has actually are 'Audio Resources....'
  11. Was talking to a guy today, and he said he had some AR speakers (Acoustic Resources, he guessed), that he's using as his 'rear speakers.' Said they had two knobs on the front of them. Looks to me like they'd be AR-91s or AR-92s. Pretty major rear speakers.... Anyone know anything else they could be?
  12. Good results obtained by application of high-level TLC! Good work!
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