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  1. Kent.. I am looking for Ar3a tweeter to match the one I have currently. Please let me know if you have one. Thanks and Regards ..baski
  2. Roy. Do you have AR3 cabinets. If so can send me pictures to gmbaskar@gmail.com
  3. Roy, Sorry for delay in replying. I am in San Francisco bay area and I will take care of the shipping.
  4. Good Day Friends. I am looking for AR3 cabinets in good to restore-able condition. I have all the drivers needed for the ar3a speakers but lacking cabinets. Please do let me know if you have it.
  5. Ordered resistors from Erse and guess will try to do the crossovers by end of this week. I update if I make any progress this weekend. Thanks for all your inputs. Carl, I am not gonna mess with the binding post. I will make a dongle as Kent suggested...
  6. I was about to order resistors from Erse... They are wire-wound but are they non inductive like mills.. Will there be day and night difference between Erse and mills..
  7. Thanks Kent.. I checked the resistors in Fives Crossover.. What do you know one of the 6 Ohm resister is out of spec totally. I guess I need to buy resistors for Fives too i guess. Since I am going to change all the caps, I am thinking of changing all the resistors too. I need to find a cost effective resistors instead of mills.. How is erse resistors?
  8. I am back.. Sorry folks got sidetracked by something called family for couple of months.. Xmas holidays were spent in mexican blue seas during which I was hoping to redo those crossovers. Anyway I recently cleaned up a Vintage Pioneer SX-828 and while doing so I noticed some of the perfectly looking Resistors drifted. Initially I didn't want to touch the resistors since they looked almost new. But when I measured all of them were almost close to the spec except one. 6 ohm resistor was showing 0.5 ohm. DMM is autoranging and i checked other resistors multiple times to confirm what I am doing is right. How difficult it is going to be to check the resistor, eh? Anyway I think i need to replace all of these resistor since I lost confidence in all of them. What would you Gurus suggest I go with. Thanks in advance..
  9. Hi all, I found these speakers on CL and got them for free with rotten foam surrounds and banged up cabinet. Both the tweeter and Woofer are working. I have already got the re-foam kit from audio addiction if I am correct. I got clarity caps which may be a overkill for them. Also I am thinking of getting a Raw veneer and reveneer these speakers. I have never done that but that does not stop me from doing things I do have couple of questions regarding the re-veneering on top of old veneer. Is re-veneering the right choice? One side is banged up and is splitting at the seam(pic attached). How do I fix it.? Thanks in advance for your help.
  10. Roy... Thanks for detailed answers. I ended up buying Clarity Cap from e-speakers and I did splurge on it(Xmas came early for me). I will be completing the crossover in next couple of weeks if my kids/wife permits me to multitask this with another Restoration (small advent) I am doing. Rob.. I may retain the old sockets for sake of it... I will try to clean and Deoxit the life out of them. As you mentioned the speakers were in really good condition and I was pleasantly surprised that seller let it go for 50 bucks.
  11. Carl I have already asked the seller.. I am awaiting reply.. I wiill update this thread when I get the answer...
  12. I saw these speakers on sale. I cannot deduce what is the name of the speaker let alone if it is a vintage or not. It has 2 3" driver , 5" driver and two 12" woofer. Can you identify this speaker. --baski
  13. Hi all, First of all I have to thank carl for running and maintaining wonderful site. I picked up near mint condition KLH 5 for $50 and I connected them to 25 WPC Harmon kardon A500. I felt the sound was too muddled with no High frequency. Doing Google research I stumbled upon this wonderful site. I read way too many of the recapping threads in the site and I decided to recap to make the tweeter work. While Recapping is easily done with some expert advice, I am thinking of restoring the wood too. I would also like to thank Jkent for detailed instructions on how to recap couple of these old speaker. Still I do have couple of questions regarding recap and rebuild. I don't have to touch the grill since they look clean. But I may need to super clean them if possible. Still I have the following questions. Do I need expensive caps. If not which is cheap and neutral sounding Caps? When I removed the woofer, I saw a cheesecloth lookalike covering the fiberglass stuffing. Is that normal? As a matter of fact, cloth was in mint condition. Sealant for woofer from Roy.. He says it will not dry. Will it accumulate dust? Since I removed the Woofer to access the X-over, What sealant to use as caulking? Is it blasphemous to change the speaker binding post with banana plugs attached in the picture? Is it real wood or veneer? If it is veneer, Can I sand it? If I can sand it, how deep I can go. Jkent mentioned about Vishay cap for bypass. How it is Wired? And what is the advantage? Thanks baski PS: First time posting in this forum. I apologize if the images are too big. I will resize and add them again.
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