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  1. thanks, pat davidr, no worries
  2. Davidr, Thanks for the link. I'm looking for woofers, not the whole speaker. Owlsplace, Think you are right. Unless a great deal on woofers falls into my lap I'm going to pass on these.
  3. davidr, i must have missed them. 12" AR woofers? i see the surrounds and 1 expensive AR 3a woofer... love your help!
  4. seller is flipper. decent guy but not too sharp. don't think he knew the woofers were replaced either. he doesn't have the original woofers. i could get the AR11s for $100. but still need to find woofers and fix all the dented caps. that mid-range has me concerned. as does the dent on the tweeter; is that a dust cap that is dented or the dome of the tweeter? there is a nice AK guy who has AR11 drivers but he want real (like ebay) prices for them. i've got enough projects stacked up that i'm reluctant to add another one... and what are the chances these speakers would displace my ADS L1290s? not to sound too negative. i have some great speakers already! and thanks for the advice
  5. OK, thanks! good catch. haven't bought them yet. guess i won't either
  6. Hi all, I'm looking at some AR11s (1st version with the brass badge). Both woofers, 1 tweet and 1 mid-range have pushed-in dustcaps (see pics). The woofers can probably be fixed with the bent needle or other tricks. I'm more nervous about the tweet and the mid-range. Dang, how did the mid-range get pushed in? Anyways, I'd love any thoughts! Best, Doug
  7. i still have the crossovers, if someone is interested
  8. i also have this posted over on audiokarma. now the mids are spoken for. so just odds and ends left over.
  9. I have some water damaged 5s I picked up for $20. I am keeping the woofers in case i need them for my 23s and have already given away the 1 functional tweeter. I have potential interest in 2 of the 4 mid-ranges, but have at least 2 available. I am also keeping the little knobs/nuts for the binding posts but anything else is available for shipping cost only.
  10. roy, thanks for the response. here is a 5002/50012 schematic: http://baselaudiolab.com/A_5012_XO.GIF this fits mine as i don't have the tweeter switch (see http://baselaudiolab.com/ADVENT_LA_XO.html ) would i add the extra resistance to both the 7uF and 32 uF caps or maybe to the 3 ohm resistor? thanks, doug
  11. i'd like to resurrect this old thread. i have had 2 sets of new large advents. i had A4s that i refoamed and swapped the polyfill stuffing for fiberglass. i checked the caps with my peak ESR meter and they read OK so i left them. i really liked the sound on the A4s but sold them when i came across a set of 5012s, which have a good reputation for sound. i refoamed the 5012s, swapped the polyfill for fiberglass, and recapped with dayton 1% caps. now they have a very alive sound and pick up a ton of detail, but darn it they sound too bright for my tastes and there is no switch like the other NLAs to decrease the tweeter output. i could mess with the EQ but have them running in the same rig as my bozak B501s and the bozaks don't need any tweaking (excellent speakers, btw!). i had them in the rig with my musical paradise mp-301 single-ended pentode and moved them downstairs to the heathkit w4am monoblocks. i thought the heaths would have a warmer sound and help w/ the brightness. not really much difference. are these just not the speakers for me or is there something i can do? should i have used the regular dayton npe caps instead of the 1%? thanks for any advice!
  12. have had the recapped AR5s in my living room tube rig for a couple of days now. they sound very balanced and alive. better than the (recapped and refoamed) advent 5012s i had there immediately before (too bright). i am going to give them a few more days and maybe raid the foam surround woofers from my 2AXs and see how they sound in the AR5s. i'm trying to thin the herd and so far the 5s are sounding better than the 2AXs have ever sounded. they are probably the keepers. (i guess i should decide between my KLH 6s and 23s, while i'm at it...) so thanks to all those who gave me great advice. you guys are great!
  13. i updated the album to show serial #s etc on the replacement woofers; also my new caps: http://albums.phanfare.com/isolated/Dk50KRQL/1/6272416
  14. Ok, got it Was going to be tough to get in there anyways...
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