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  1. Soundminded: I know that this thread is fossilized, but I have to challenge / correct this statement: " Bose 901 has a distinct advantage over all other speaker systems in that it has what I call inherently low absolute vector distortion. This means that sound waves from a single instrument arrive at the listener from a multitude of directions just the way they do from live musical instruments". There are three speakers that I can think of that do this equally well, if not in FAR superior fashion. That is, the Walsh driver based Ohm A, Ohm F & Ohm G. All three offer an even wider radiation pattern than the 901 AND they are time & phase coherent. They are also far more linear in amplitude frequency response both within their usable ranges AND at the frequency extremes. Having owned 901's & several pairs of Ohm's, I speak from experience with no guesswork involved.
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