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  1. Thanks for the replies folks! I'm going to attempt the repair and take pics along the way. Any thoughts on what glue I should use to attach the wire back to the former? And speaking of pics, I had some trouble attaching pictures from my phone due to file size. How are folks getting around that? - sean
  2. David, I used MEK with a syringe a lot of ventilation and a respirator to "wet" the edge of the spider. I worked a razor blade among the edge of the spider and used just a touch of pressure with a sharp wide screwdriver and, to my surprise, it popped right off.
  3. Hey folks been a while - preoccupied with kids and all (two and through... hopefully). Finally getting back to the ARs and removed the cone / spider to find that the coil windings had partially come apart in the magnet. I found a few threads with some discussion on options for replacement but didn't see much on results. Apologies if I just missed it. Chances these can be rewound? I am able to reinstall them but they don't lay clean. If I was able to, it's clear I would need a glue of some sort along the way to hold in place and keep them flat. Otherwise, I know I could recone
  4. Thanks Roy! I assume I would need to obtain a specific shim or can I use some materials from around the house to roll up a shim? Any guidance on where to make the cut on the dust cap with the exacto knife ( inside the glue, middle of glue or outside the glue)? I'm out of town for business but I'll tackle this when I return in a couple days and post some pics / findings.
  5. Based on a recommendation from simply speakers, I used acetone (from a plastic syringe) to reactivate the glue around the foam surround. This allowed me to move the cone to a position that was not rubbing the voice coil. Admittedly it was not in a central position, so while it sounded amazing initially I probably knew it was too good to last. I'm wondering if the acetone would also be able to reactivate the factory glue on the dust cap and spider. May be a trial and error here.
  6. In that case definitely bad VC. I think I'll try my luck at delicately pulling her apart. Have you had any luck using acetone to soften the factory dust cap and spider adhesive? The optimistic side of me is hoping for a simple fix... The realistic side of me knows it will likely be a recone. Otherwise, the 2ax and 5's use the same woofer for replacement if I've understood correctly? Thanks again Roy.
  7. Some good info in this thread on reconing. Question: is there a way to pull the cone and spider to inspect the vc to determine if new coil is necessary? If possible, I'd like to keep OE parts to preserve the look ndmstch the other woofer. Synopsis: I recently brought some ar-5's back to life with new tweets, cleaned pots, and woofer surrounds. On one woofer I had to recentered ( actually slightly off center to avoid rubbing) due to some clicking / pinging that sounded to be coming from the vc. I'd like to remove the cone and spider to inspect the vc, and I've read that some folks have d
  8. Im happy with them! I pretty much just followed the directions on the wax and feed. Nothing special except on the initial application I let them sit for an hour or more before wiping off.
  9. Sorry for repeat post.... Not sure how that happened. using ipad seems a little clunky, is there a forumapp that works with CSP? Wow, wish I would have read the follow on posts sooner as i missed some great cabinet restoration tech! I hope my dried outsold cabinets didn't give no one nightmares but did want to give everyone some assurance that the ar-5's didn't end up in an abusive home... See attached pics before and after the makeover.
  10. Wow, wish I would have read the follow on posts sooner as i missed some great cabinet restoration tech! I hope my dried out old cabinets didn't give any one nightmares but did want to give everyone some assurance that the ar-5's didn't end up in an abusive home... See attached pics before and after the makeover. Unfortunately i didnt see the posts in time and I had already skipped ahead to the howards wax and feed but happy with the initial results. It's been over a week now and the dry spots haven't reappeared but it'll keep a eye in things and revert to the RAF before reapplying the wax a
  11. Thanks for the tips fellas! I got the 5's running this weeked and I'm blown away by what I've heard thus far. Can't wait to pick up the new people hell and angels vinyl in march. I still need to do the caps and probably l-pads but should tide me over until now.
  12. Thanks for laying this out in laymans terms! Do I understand correctly then that the .05mh inductor should be fine with factory caps and pots? I ask because I think I saw Roy's original recommendation was for a .07mh coil. I'm sure at some point I'll change everything out anyway but I getting a little anxious to get these fired up this weekend. Thanks again guys.... Absurdly fast responses. - Sean
  13. Another noob here but between the recent inheritance of some ar-5's and the wealth of information on this site, you guys have me hooked on the vintage audio gear. I think I have most of the information I need to wrap up the repairs on the ar-5's but have a couple questions I'm sure you'll have no trouble answering. 1. I ordered the hi-vi tweeters and .05mh inductors from prts express. Do i understand correctly that the u doctor should wired in parallel? 2. Do I need to reverse the polarity on the crossover wires 3. I'm using the factory pots as of now... I cleaned up the speaker and t
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