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  1. Anyone have any info on these speakers...a pair in my neck of the woods is for sale (woofers have been re-foamed) I am not familiar with them...I recently inherited a pair of KLH 6's...would these two sets of speakers sound similar? What are they worth? thx
  2. Hello all...I just hooked up a recently inherited pair of KLH model 6's (I am using an NAD 3240PE amp)...is there any way to accurately date them? One of the speakers is missing the KLH badge, anyone have one for sale? I have read through some of the posted topics and threads (very helpful and informative) I think the speakers sound quite good given their age but I gather there are some things that can be done to give them a little electronic tune up such as replacing caps and cross overs...not really being a speaker buff, are these changes/upgrades necessary and what will be the result? Thanks in advance for the reply.
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