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  1. I have a pair of ar3a's that I purchased from a buddy back in the 70's. Recently, AudioLab of GA (Doraville) inspected them and advised all 4 pots need to be rebuilt or replaced. All speakers were tested and all are working. They reglued a loose coil on the crossover and a dustcap on a woofer. They told me the repair for the pots would be $300. In any event, my wife has had some huge medical expenses lately and I need to sell these units. If interested please let me know. My e mail address is dion1564@aol.com. They would be available for pickup at my office in Peachtree City GA or you could pre-pay the shipping costs. You will have to let me know what you are willing to pay for them. I have no idea. Thanks & regards, Joseph Dion
  2. New to this forum 12.2.12. I have a pair of AR 3a speakers purchased from a good friend back in the 70's. I used them for years and then put them away when my kids were little and also for lack of room. Any suggestions for a reputable repair shop in the Atlanta area that could check them out and rebuild if necessary? What range of costs would I be looking at? I do not have the time, or the skill/knowledge, to mess with them myself. However, I remember they sounded great and would love to have them hooked up once again. Thanks for your assistance.
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