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  1. Hi JKent, After replacing the foam with fiberglass the speakers did sound much better but I was still getting the harsh sound in the upper mid and highs so that is why I went back in to change the caps again. To let you know I am very anal when it comes to sound and the smallest things really bug me. I have mixed sound for years for bands and shows because I have such critical ears for mixing. Not to brag but I have mixed sound for Maranatha Music and even did a show for Ricky Skaggs. Hell, I was at a show for the group America and the sound tech they usually use to mix got sick and couldn't do so the band hired a local person and it was so bad after one song I went to sound booth and talked to the guy into letting me help him since he didn't know the music. Well after a half an hour went by my wife was worried about me and came looking and there I was mixing the sound and the tech they hired was sitting down. People tell me all the time that I should have been a sound engineer for a studio and I agree. I missed my calling but I still enjoy music. Well enough of this bragging. Well I replaced the other caps and resistors in my other two Large Advents and now all four of them are playing smoothly. I don't know what the Daytons sounded so badly but they did. The SonicCap Gen I are much smoother and the low end sound it much more punchy. When I replaced the caps and resistors while in the cabs i checked everything, solder joints, wires, etc and found nothing incorrect. So I don't know what else to say then the new caps and resistors work much better on my Advents the the Dayton products. On the foam blocks verses the Fiberglass, this made a huge difference. Advent engineers should have been shot for using the foam. They knew better but went over the cliff trying to keep their cost down. What did they save by doing this? Maybe $1.00 per speaker. Not worth the loss in sound quality. Anyways the speakers now sound like the rich sound I had before but with more definition and soundstage. I realize that there are much better sounding speakers out there but not for the money which is what Advent did with the Large Advents. Make a speaker for $100 that competed with speakers at a $1000. Advent did a great job with that strategy but in their later years gave it up for cost. Then Jensen took over and we all know the rest of the story. Shame on them. Anyways, I can now listen to my music with pleasure again Phil
  2. Hi Doug, For us that aren't engineers what other recourse do we have other then buying audiophile grade parts. I agree what you are saying but we don't have $10,000 of test equipment laying around to test things so we rely on what manufactures and other people say. We have no choice other then buying, trying and then replacing if they don't work as good. Any suggestions? Phil
  3. Hi All, I have finally re-foamed 2 of the 4 speakers and I have say I was pleasantly surprised by the quality sound that these little speaker sound like. The bass is strong and uniformed and the tweeters sound like advent tweeters. Anyhow attached is a before and after. Was going to sell them but I just might keep them for bedroom. BTW, These woofers were re-foamed correctly. I didn't remove the caps by using a AAA battery to center the voice coil and I placed the inside foam edge under the lip of the outer cone and the outer edge on the top of the metal basket. Let me tell you guys it makes a difference to use the correct foams and replace them correctly just like Advent did. I have preveiously done a NLA incorrectly and after redoing it I am am totally convinced that incorrectly placing the foam edges effects the sound negatively. Thats my story and I am sticking to it.
  4. Well after much frustration I decided to change the caps and resistors again. I replaced them with 13uF SonicCap GEN I Capacitors and Mills Resistors on two of my NLA and my speakers are back to playing smoothly with the detail I have had for 30 years. Man was this an expensive journey but it was worth it. What I learned from this was that not all caps and resistors that claim to be audio grade works well with all speakers. I am sure that the Dayton Caps and Resistors are good but they didn't do well with my speakers. Tonight I will replace the other two speakers to get to match. Thanks to everyone that helped me get through this. phil
  5. Thanks Doug. I thought so too but wanted to make sure. Phil
  6. Any help on this will greatly be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Do the Advent/1 speakers have the same woofer as the NLA? I have a pair of Advent/1 that need re-foaming and I could use in some NLA but I want to make sure they are the same. Thanks for the help on this. Phil
  8. yes i think you are correct. I have passed on them. Thx Phil
  9. Thanks Doug for letting me know what these are. Phil
  10. Does anyone have any information on Advent 10" Woofers with round magnets? I have never seen any but I can buy two from someone but want to make sure they are real Advent Woofers.
  11. Just to update everyone that has given me great suggestions and I just went back into the boxes to confirm that I did the XO's correctly. I also took the time to replace to old square foam in them and replace them with the OC fiberglass insulation that Carl suggestion doing and WOW! what a difference this makes. The bottom end is back and mids are much smoother. I am beginning to believe that I might have put in the original foams squares in incorrectly and this contributed to the problem. My next step is to replace all my speaker wires. I have had them on them since the beginning of time and they are beginning to get hard. Does anyone have any suggestion as to what speaker wires and banana plugs to get? Thats to everyone that has helped me. Phil
  12. Just to let every know I haven't picked the speakers up at my sons house yet. He lives in Milwaukee and I haven't been up there yet. I think he is coming down in a couple weeks so he will bring them with him. The I will re-foam them without removing the original dust caps.
  13. Yep this is what I am going to do then. I will leave the original caps on them. Can't wait to hear these babies play. I will put pics up when I am done with them.
  14. I forgot to mention that I took out the BSC circuit when I did the last test. But when I had it between my pre-amp and amp I did have to increase the volume to get the same levels but it did smooth the sound. It did improve the sound a lot but I could still hear the harness although a lot less. As to changing the setting on the BSC I would never hear the 20k, but I can at the 10k. I have my hearing checked every year and 14k and up it really drops off. Aging is not good on the ears. I wish i had kept the old caps but I didn't. Didn't think I would have this issue. I have another set of NLA woofer sitting waiting to get reformed but the dust caps on them are in good shape so all I am going to change is the foam then install them in two of the speakers then I will do a A/B tests to see if I can tell the difference between them and the ones that has the dust caps changed also. I will be surprised if it does improve the sound though. But if it does then this will be an easy fix.
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