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  1. So, I think I was right with my diagnosis. It bottomed out hard. So hard the deformed bottom of the voice coil got wedged into the gap. Then as the top part of the coil tried to move back up, they parted ways. I have to wonder if there was some damage there to begin with. It seems like it would take a lot of force to rip the coil into two parts. I would have expected it to just kind of lock the woofer in place. But now I understand why I couldn't feel the damage. The damaged part wasn't moving when I worked the cone by hand.
  2. Well, I took it apart. This is my first re-cone and it was really weird cutting through the foam I had installed, then cutting the cone! But I found the problem. Wow. Never seen anything like it. The voice coil is torn in two. The bottom half was well wedged in the gap. Had to give it a pretty fair pull to get it out. But I feel better at least seeing a clear problem. No question I can fix it.
  3. I should add the description of the failure. I was told he was listening to some music at pretty high volume using Pandora. When the next song came up it had a lot of low frequency stuff and things got to sounding bad in a hurry. He rushed to get the volume down, but the damage had been done. It was being driven by an Adcom GFA 555, so a good bit of power on tap. I'd assumed the voice coil bottomed out and deformed it. And that's still my working theory. I just thought I'd be able to feel it. The output is low and distorted.
  4. I did, and it's been in service for a few months, working great. But I guess it's worth pulling up the surround from the outside and testing a bit.
  5. Hey All, I restored a pair of AR3as for a friend a few months ago. Well, he's had a bit of misfortune and one of the woofers isn't working well. I told him to ship it to me and we'd figure it out. We also ordered a recone kit which is here. When I got the woofer, I was a little surprised. It looks fine. Cone moves freely with no scratching or other indication of damage. I get about 2.5 ohms which is consistent with my spare AR9 woofer. But when I hook it up, er, yeah. It's not good. It makes sound, but not good sound. I just can't figure out what's actually wrong with it. Whatever it is, a r
  6. I've always wanted to hear a pair of those. I bet they're outstanding. Congrats!
  7. Those look fantastic! You'll enjoy the heck out of them once you get the tweeters sorted. They're just fantastic speakers.
  8. One of them is finished. I used the pictures and information in this thread to figure out the L Pad wiring. That saved me some head scratching. http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?showtopic=5184 One cap fit in one of the original mounts. I attached the other two with 3M double sided foam tape. They're not going anywhere. (The small one is yet to be stuck in place in the pic.) I left the wax cap in place. I figured it's not hurting anything. I think I'm happy with the result. Pretty clean job I think. Hope my friend is happy. I'm listening to them now and they sound great, ev
  9. A few pics of my progress. Yes, I use Elmer's glue. It works great for refoamig speakers. I've never felt a need for anything more fancy. That little blue tool is awesome. It's a plexiglass cutting tool. The small blade is great for scraping cones and baskets. And with the cap on, it's a great tool for pressing in surrounds as the glue starts to set up. One woofer was dated April 17 1973, the other April 18. Pretty neat.
  10. Or, perhaps, was hoping that putting the rip on the new surround at the bottom, it would go unnoticed. It wasn't a great job overall. Both new foams installed and woofers working great. I'll get the caps and l pads installed tomorrow. I did get the resistors for the l pads as recommended by the guide. Yeah, when I got them without any paperwork on the back I wasn't sure what they were. It wasn't until I did a bit of research here that I realized they were European 3as, not Improved.
  11. I got a call from the seller last night. He found the serial number papers that should be on the backs. Is there a preferred glue for reattaching them? I'm kind of thinking maybe a spray adhesive. One is in very good shape. The other has a small section missing, but flattened out a bit, it's actually in fine shape. Nice to have them and nice of the seller to take a minute to get them to me. Quite a few parts on their way. Foam kit, caps, L Pads, resistors. I should have these working perfectly before long. Very easy spruce up on this pair. They're in nice shape and all the drivers are worki
  12. Yeah, and all the pics I can find of the European versions have them oriented in the more typical way. But yes, without the older style wide frame, the woofers can mount either way. I'll put them in the more expected orientation after I foam them.
  13. No, Mike, not at all. I would just hate to destroy the original grills when they're in very good condition. Especially when you can just buy something new that will give the owner the look he wants without messing them up.
  14. I've been spending quality time with the guide once again this afternoon. Getting everything figured out before I start ordering parts. I'll measure the caps and replace if they need it. My ears say they may be good. I'll think on it. It might be a good idea to do them while I'm working on them to insure that they continue to work well down the road. I did decide to order some ERSE L Pads to replace the level controls, once again, to ensure long term reliability. I'll include the originals when I deliver the speakers. I may even try to find a way to store them inside the cabinets for a future
  15. After having a better look, I think it's best to re-do the foam. One of them was leaking badly enough to hear it. So I pulled it for a better look. Whatever glue was used didn't bond to the Masonite ring. The glue came off in a single string. I could just reglue the outside edge, but the cone side was glued to the back of the cone instead of the front. You can see the foam doesn't sit properly on the outside with the cone side done wrong. And the other speaker has a small tear in the foam. Probably a slip of a screwdriver when being installed. It all adds up to new foam. I haven't dug into th
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