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  1. Many thanks. I will do that. I'll try these from Amazon.
  2. A relative of mine bought this while he was in the service overseas in the 1970s. It's the 80-pound monster with the oscilloscope. He doesn't even know if it works, and, being something of a hoarder, he is so far unwilling to let me have a look at it for possible restoration. I'm still working on him; he may give in. Anybody have experience with this receiver? I've read they are amazing and valuable, but I would rather get the straight dope from someone here, if possible. Many thanks.
  3. This is so cool. I was on the very same project in August 2020. Same speakers, same crossover solution. Mine were free. A guy posted on the Nextdoor site that he was putting them out on the curb for heavy trash if nobody claimed them, and I did, fast. He even included the surround repair kit that he had never used. What a guy. These have the vinyl veneer, and they were a bit beat up. The grilles were hopeless, so I replaced them with something not at all original looking, but I like them. I had never done a surround repair, so it took some time to get up the nerve to start, but it worked, although I was pretty messy with the glue. The sound is awesome, and I look forward to the livestreams of our Houston Symphony this season. Yours look really good.
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