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  1. Thank You Roy for sharing your knowledge! they are a very nice and not very common version of Ar2ax, (if somebody are interested). I like to see pictures myself so here they are:
  2. Hello Roy! That´s interesting. I have bypassed the level controls, in my mind that would increase the level even more. The treble is okey, but not as good as my AR 11 tweeters. You said that the tweeters have lower output. Maybe I could lower the crossover level at the midrange, a inductor in serie would fix that if i´m right. Jesper
  3. Hello! Can somebody help me with this? I have AR 2ax but not with the original tweeters, it´s AR 12 tweeters. The model number is 1200011-2. The correct one should be 1200013-2, that also fit AR5. I suspect that the sound is not correct, to less treble. Does somebody of you know why? is it a big difference between those tweeters? Can I do something about the crossover or shall I buy the correct tweeters? (I live in Sweden and it´s hard to get) Maybe they shall it sound like this. I am compairing with my AR3a improved and of course they should be better but no this much. Happy if somebody can help in this matter! Best Wishes, Jesper
  4. Everyone who got one or more pair of AR-speakers should be very lucky. Jesper
  5. Interresting comment Stan461. Actually i recently had to change to a simplier amp fom my AR3a and it sounded a bit harsh. The evaluation of the sound depands on the setup, With my best amp it sound wonderful. Maybe in some combination the HIVI sound better? Some day we will run out of old tweeters and we have to find new solutions. I don´t know but i suspect that the Ar 11 tweeters are better than the old AR3a tweeters. They have great detailed high frequency. I also have one pair ar2ax with original tweeters and the high frequency are more dull. Maybe AR11 tweeters are a good match even for the AR3a (not improved)? For you who live in the states the AR11speekers are a very good deal by the way. For me living in Sweden they are almost impossible to get. Jesper
  6. Finally! After taking part the wisdom from you who replied, i managed to make the right decision. I got two AR-11 tweeters from USA (where else?). It took a year to find a good price (100 Dollar) after I lost one auktion. They are coverd with ugly ragged foam, but they sound terrific. In fact the whole speakers sounds much better. This is why HIFI is so interesting. I am always suprised how the sound changes, hopefully for the better. If some of you hesitate to change to a modern tweeter, it will never sound as good as the original. Maybe if you really know what you are doing and change the crossover. Its sad because what are we going to do when the old tweeters are gone/out of circulation? I am very happy with my completed, fully functioning AR3a Improved. The only thing thats left is the finish. I am thinking of sanding the wood and then maybe Danish oil? Best regards, Jesper
  7. Thank you Roy for that clarifying comment! It's hard to get detailed info about the improved speakers. Just one more question. If I decide to go with the Hivi q1r that you recommends, How shall I do? Is it the same recommendation as with ar3a with one 0.15 mH parallel inductor? I have read many different opinions and starting to get confused. Jesper
  8. It´s a bit complicated with the improved speakers. Some of the models, maybe the later have higher efficiency tweeter. I will consider that the crossover in my improved are the same as AR3a. If I use the soft dome I have to modify the crossover?
  9. Thanks for the response! I post a picture. I think it is the hard dome. Will the soft dome work? I suppose it's hard to beat the real stuff
  10. Hi! I am new to this forum and those great loudspeakers from AR. I have a pair of ar3a improved with one bad tweeter. I would like to replace the AR tweeters with new ones. The most common recommendation at this forum is the HIVI tweeter. Maybe I would like something more refined. I saw one thread where one member had used the SEAS Excel T25CF-001. Have somebody else used this tweeter? Is this a good choice? Does it need modifications? Thanks for answers! Jesper
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