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  1. When I opened up the other speaker the red button inductor looked even worse, so I will replace those. Would parts-express be a good place to find those? I think I will stick with these tweeters for now at least and see how they sound with an updated crossover. Thanks for the detailed advice!
  2. I found the missing piece of film. It's a 16. I believe that the tweeters are from a 5002 and from what I have read they should sound better than the egg tweeters. Do you think it would be possible to just modify the crossover to suit these. They sound pretty nice now even with the crossovers in that shape.
  3. Thanks for the quick response. Here are some pictures of the crossover and tweeter. The marking on the tweeter says 85c00019 223tnd if that is helpful I will look into finding some replacement tweeters then.
  4. Hi, I bought some original large advents(I believe) I like the sound but they have some problems. When the high frequency switch is turned to anything but extended there is no output from the tweeter. It looks to me as if they are OLAs that the tweeters has been replaced in. If so, how should I go about updating the crossover? -Thanks
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