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    I collect old albums, radios, brass blade fans, and Victrola's. My house, basement AND garage is pretty full!!
  1. From my research and help from others I have concluded that the woofer is a replacement AR woofer. I listened to them last night and they did sound pretty good. One woofer did sound different than the other but that could be of bad pots, drivers not working properly, or age. I contacted the seller and said that the item was not as described and this morning they responded by letting me know that if I send them back I'll get a full refund plus shipping. So either I keep the speakers and deal with the damage to the cabinets (maybe get a refund on shipping?) and the replacement woofer. Or I get my money back and look for a pair that has their original parts and good cabinets. I guess it depends on what I want.
  2. if ever you get a package shipped to you like this.....its not a good sign!! i paid $75 for a box full of newspapers!!
  3. To me it looks like there are 2 different speakers by the looks of the back of them. It looks like the serial number was hand written on one and the other i can barely make out the numbers. Plus the fact that the woofers look wrong? What do you guys think? Can the be fixed? or should i just move on?
  4. Here are the speakers that i bought on a whim!! I was so excited getting them i could hardly wait. I have a feeling somthin' just aint right with them?? I have a feeling the seller literally used one newspaper for each box!!! I think I'm going to be done with buying stuff off the internet for awhile!
  5. They were shipped yesterday and UPS has not updated the tracking info. Hopefully I'll get them on Saturday. Its about a 5 hour drive from where I live to KC
  6. I think I figured it out. The first picture is of the ones that I bought. The last two pictures are from a different auction but the same seller. I thought that since they were from the same seller and he relisted them (I thought they were the ones I bought) I could show a different angle with different lighting for a better i.d. Since those were relisted I assumed they were mine, but its possible that the seller had two pairs of AR speakers? gosh this is confusing!!
  7. Here is another picture but this one is different lighting but its the same seller. I am assuming this is the pair i bought. The seller tried selling them about 4 times before i finally offered to buy them. I guess i should have been more patient and took my time researching.
  8. That's exactly what I am after. I want to reverse what the previous owner did and have the speakers look like they did when they were bought new. I didn't know if it was a dumb idea or not? for prosperity's sake I love the fact that these are so well regarded and the monetary value really doesn't do anything for me. They have more historical significance than anything else. I'm just a regular guy who loves music and loves listening to his music on nice equipment. I do not buy stuff just to flip.
  9. Are we allowed to post links to eBay? It would be the auction that I won, not a auction that I am promoting
  10. Yesterday I pulled the trigger and bought a set of AR3a's on eBay. Unfortunately it was an impulse buy and I made an offer and was surprised the seller accepted. Upon looking at the pictures provided in the listing it looks as if the finish was originally raw pine and may have had a lacquer or stain applied. If I would have looked closer I would have noticed that and not bid, but what's done is done. I'm a purist and was wanting to know if anybody ever refinished a pair of AR speakers BACK to the original "unfinished" finish? Would it even be practical?
  11. Thank you HarryM and RoyC. I always wondered what people did back in the early days of stereo and hi-fi when the amount of power wasn't as prevalent. I guess it depends on the quality and not quantity when it comes to watts per channel
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