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  1. So The last pair I bought are 4 ohm T1030. I have (3) 8 ohm and (3) 4 ohm. T 1030's. I will use the 3rd speaker for the center channel in two separate systems.
  2. Just bought a matched pair of T1030's and they are awesome! It was worth waiting for a quality speaker in the walnut finish.
  3. The test results displayed the 8 ohm speaker producing noticebly more volume compared to the 4 ohm speaker at the same power level. I am going try and find a matched set of the T1030's. The serial numbers are significantly different (eons). The sound quality is very nice except for the unmatched volume. I will have to power each one separately. I am only using about 40 watts max in this room I am using.
  4. Gerry S, Thanks for your help in this matter. Let me start from the beginning so we are all on the same page. I am a novice and am buying quality speakers when I can find them for my new hobby and listening pleasure. I have started this quest since September. I have a pair of BA T930 Series II both labled 8 ohm on tag and have serial numbers that are sequential. I bought a pair of T1030's from a person that had 2 pair and had sold a pair already a year before me buying from him. As I was taking the speakers out of the truck there was an 8 ohm sticker tag at the bottom of one T1030 and a 4 ohm sticker tag on the bottom (underneath) the other speaker. That is why I am asking for guidance. My amp I have to test them is an 8 ohm. I have not hooked anything up to test. I will follow your instructions. I am heading to Florida but will test in 2 weeks. I have to check and see if the serial numbers are sequential ( I was excited and in a hurry and did not do this when I paid for them), I would hope they are. Thank you very much for your help. I do not want to damage anything if I can avoid it. I want to have them set up so I can play my music loud and clear. The sticky ohm tags being different ohm values on each of the T1030 speakers concerned me, I am a huge fan of 80's and 90's Boston Accoustics speakers. My rich friends had them in high school ( A70's and A150's) I was not able to afford them. Now it is my turn... Mark
  5. I bought a pair of T1030 speakers for my system I am building. I get around to hook them up after a while and discover they are different. One is 8 ohm and one is 4 ohm. Did I waste my money? Will they work together with an 8 ohm amp.
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