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  1. What is the true / real price vs. value for any used item? Austin CL has listed two pairs of AR-9s in the last six weeks - all drivers were present and except for one pair with mis-matched tweeters, both pairs evidenced no visible defects in all the pictures (outside of requiring re-foaming) and asking prices were $650 or less.
  2. In the ad he says it's an AR-1S, which might be a typo and that it is really an AR-1W - serial is 17998 - I don't know what the 1W serial # range is. However, he is also offering a Janszen 130, which was often paired with the AR-1W as a mono setup before the advent of readily available stereo, so that would seem to make the most sense to me. In fact, that is the first set of AR-1s i found - the owner originally used an AR-1W / Janszen 130 in a mono application and then added an AR-1 upon his move to stereo and I ended up with the 3 pieces.
  3. LOL - humble bragging vs. strident correctness and the third party observer / commentator is the problem - classic thread narcissism.....y'all have a good one and enjoy the music and you're right - i'll defer on this scintillating convo moving forward - cheers
  4. Ugh - this is thread has turned into a vhs vs beta, apple vs. microsoft, xbox vs playstation, analog vs. digital, tubes vs. solid state throw down: with the predictable outcome that no one is going to change anyone else's thoughts, opinions, outlook, proclivities, or inclinations. Moderator - can this please be moved to the kitchen?
  5. Is it just me or is the top inside of the surround attached the the bottom of the cone?
  6. it's eBay - a fertile venue for constantly validating the most cynical views of mencken, bailey, and madoff......
  7. Or you take up the task of educating the next generations and expect them to do the same. I put together Craigslist "starter" music systems for my son and nieces and they are now hooked. They also know anything I have that is marked AR, Pioneer Elite, Denon, or McIntosh stays in the family cause once you sell it, it's gone forever. I guess that is one of the prime dichotomies we see played out on this site: the differences between those of us who view it as a hobby / historical preservation / audio avocation and those who make money off it as a business and, therefore, tend to be a bit more mercenary.
  8. But it's only 24 monthly payments of $233.......
  9. The 3's are the popular kid on the block these days - hence the premium - however - until the money changes hands, this is only a closed auction with promise to pay - more than once i have seen buyers remorse take place on eBay and the speakers resurface - most often in the case of high-priced AR-1s, this may happen here too, or not.....but i think there are quite a few more reasonably priced pairs with actual photos of drivers.....on side note....sad i missed those LSTs (was on cruise) as they are only thing i might consider replacing my current AR-1 / AR-3st pairs with......
  10. Have you tried butanone (MEK) or acetone? Both are roughly twice as strong as toluene; spread them around the perimeter of the veneer chips and let capillary action pull them into the center and eat the glue while detaching the chips.
  11. Agreed - I stream a PC FLAC jukebox through a Schiit DAC into Pioneer A88x and and out a pair of 61 year old AR1/Janszen 130's.....the sound is awesome.....
  12. My thoughts - if structural integrity is not compromised, treat it like rust: dig out all loose material, fill the resulting gaps with wood filler, sand it, maybe tone it with a pen/stain (or use colored wood filler if void is small enough) and let them show their history....
  13. They do seem to sound better horizontally, but that's subjective - however, they are not nearly as tall with the Janzen's on top, which is a good thing.
  14. All i can tell you is (subjectively speaking)......the combination using AR-1 sounds really good to my ears and you can turn it up loud......
  15. Don't sell, you will regret it and be even more disappointed when it is immediately flipped to ebay. Always an innate tension between those of us who do this for the hobby/passion of the history and music and those who view this as another resource in a commodification and mercantile pursuit. If you pair it with a Janszen 130 you have a really interesting mono listening experience (Beatles on mono is really eye popping) and/or pair it with another set and don't worry about buying any more speakers in your lifetime.
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